Monday, October 10, 2011


Pyrography is the correct term for the technique more commonly known as "wood burning". The term means the art of 'drawing with fire'. It is an ancient craft practised throughout the world. Originally pokers were heated in fires and created rather crude results. During the Victorian period the craft enjoyed its greatest popularity. Victorian ladies developed various tools such as fine steel rods similar to knitting needles and heated then in fire or over a spirit lamp, allowing then to work more skillfully and create fine design... *taken from the woodburning kit manual*

My first attempt on pyrography... this thing is the coolest! i carved the writings on a piece of wood, just to have the 'feel' of carving using a sharp burning 'pen'. Loved it! ... and endless possibilities i can do with this.. *mcm2 dlm kepala tp nak buat nyer tu x tau bile lah! hihi

I so dont know how to draw these angry birdies! Imran was excited when he saw me doing these cupcakes. "Ibu, rupernyer ibu ni pandai lukis angry birds ehhh.... " (hahaha... iyo lah tu!) .. terus dia pun ambik kertas and start nak lukis2 angry birds... i have to confess, i am no fan of the game.. but my son and ayah dia mmg layann..... ape yg bess sgt tarik2 burung pastu melayang pastu bunuh burung lain? (errr.... that doesnt sound good... opss!)

 Thanks Kak Tila! Appreciate yr order :)



Anonymous said...

nice, colorful cupcakes. nice design.


Unknown said...

tulis pakai soldering iron? cantik! ko mmg artist la!

p/s: angry birds nak bunuh green pigs sbb curik the their eggs. hihihihi... aku pun layan gak!