Friday, October 7, 2011

The many stories of my life..

I have to much to tell, i dont know where to start!

This is Faaeq. He is a child with autism. He's doing great but his mom (and dad) sometimes cant help but wonder whether or not he can face the world all by himself...

As I mentioned before, we started a GFCF diet for Faaeq... Although the diet is not proven to work on all kids with autism, we're positive it is a good thing to try..we want to give it a shot. Autism is a spectrum, meaning it is very broad in the sense of how it affects the child and how the child responds to treatment. No one single treatment or therapy works for every child. That's the trick.. that's why it is up to the parents to actually figure out what is best for their child.. The same basic principle also applies to every normal child. I mean when it comes to parenting, we know what is best for our child and we do our best and make the best out of every situation.. bringing up a child to become a human being with compassion and integrity is not an easy thing to do! I'm sure all moms out there will agree with me on this!

During the first week of the diet, Faaeq's teachers at his taska told me it is easier to put him for his afternoon nap. At home, I noticed he is more playful, more eye contact (this is definately true way before we started this diet) and make more sounds than usual. Still no specific word yet.

Second week, he started humming! He was making sounds as though he is singing! Tapi tak fahamla ape dia nyanyi... but definately it is a song.. I'm guessing it's Adele's.. but.. yeah.. who knows!?

He is eating well and drinking his Rice Milk. I bought some supplements (Fish oil, Multivits) to cover whatever vitamins he's lacking, altho actually i think he is having enough with all the food he's taking. He eats chicken, loves salmon, tenggiri goreng, eggs, carrot... I'm still trying to force him to eat his greens.. still dia akan keluarkan walaupun ade sikittt je sawi dlm nasi dia.. urghhh.... he takes fruits, almost all kinds, grapes, apples, pears.. so.. i guess it's sufficient! I'm no dietition or an expert on this, i'm still learning and reading a lot about proper nutritients.. This diet means i have to eliminate all gluten which comes mainly in wheat (gandum).. if u go to supermarkets and look for food without gluten in the "biscuits/crackers aisle, i'm sure u'll find NONE! semua tak boleh makan.. either it has wheat powder, or worse, MSG. Mula2 mmg sedih... I cant buy all his fav biscuits anymore... Bye bye Pringles, Oreo, Biskut Tiger, Yoss etc etc... seriously, i was FRUSTATED! ape ni semua takleh makan? ape dia nak makan?

Then I realised, almost all of that are junk food! Pringles, Mr Potato, twisties..all contains MSG and if you notice, the mg is quite high! Mula2 mmg kitorg pun kasik je dia makan Jackel (the potato chips) sebab dlm byk2 potato chips, yg tu je takde wheat starch. They use potato starch... then later, i realised, it is very high in salt and MSG. Dahhhh takleh makan... Frust lagi :( It takes some time for Faaeq to adjust too... kat rumah dahler byk biskut... kesian dia.. ambik biskut dlm packet nak suruh buka... imagine.

But now he munches on fruits and drink juices. and because he doesnt take snacks, he eats a lot during mealtimes. A LOT of rice, i'm telling you. He eats more than me!

So far we're happy with the diet. We're still hoping we could see more positive improvements.

I told you before that he is having trouble sleeping at night. That's because now, we limit only 2 bottles of milk before he sleeps.. for the sake of his beautiful teeth (what's left after the hospital event, haha) we want to wean him off the bottle.. he doesnt need it anymore actually.. he knows how to drink from cups. In fact he can take his own water from the container and drink. His milk bottles are just for soothing him to sleep.. like teddy bears la.. ade budak peluk teddy bear, dia ni nak minum botol sampai la dia tido.. sampai 3-4 botol minum before tido, ape nyer.... pastu terbocor atas tilam hari2... :P               

 My baby sleeping in my mom's crochet blanket. I love this photo so much!

A self portrait of him.. haha.. i think he took this photo himself. so cute kan?
I just love I look forward to my friends entry everyday. For iphone, download it free and find me there ok! I'm Edi Cakeworm.. or whatever.. haha

Ok, cupcakes pulak :D

in progress..

 My neighbor Kak Lin ordered this (again).. she wanted the same design i did before, just with different colors- dark pink and peach. Nice! Love both colors!

Till then, have a good break, drive safe, dont show show fingers to other drivers aaa....

Most important, please be...



Fazlinil Irma said...

faaeq.. moga membesar jd anak yg soleh..!!

kak edi.. moga sentiasa sabar dgn anak istimewa akak.

psstt... roses akak x pernah buat sy tak terpegun. simple but NICE..!!

sy pun selalu tiru idea akak.. :D

Edi said...

u're always so sweet :)
i'allah, akk pun harapkan dua2 tu jadi anak soleh, i'allah..

roses akk ade yg tak perfect jugak.. ade kena re-do jugak.. hehe.. byk2 buat nanti oklah tu..

mimie1678 said...

assalam edi...

besar cabaran u... insyaAllah, yg menanti u nnt pun besar pahalanya...

and ur deco... mmg superb!

cekmekzue said...

salam edi, your special child is your ticket to heaven insyaAllah, this is what my friends who share the same experience as you said, berat mata melihat berat lagi bahu memikul, my friend pun bagi special diet menu for her son, but i am sure edi pun tentu dah ada tempat nak refer , just wish you well, banyakkan bersabar and insyaAllah setiap dugaan yang diberikan ,dijanjikan hikmahnya, you take care ,okay

Edi said...

mimie, thks... i rase design i sama je dah boring la... hmm...

cekmekzue, tq, i'allah.. mmg kena byk baca.. nanti u introduce kawan u tu kat i k.. dia ade website tak? thks :)

Haris Zuhaina said...

AS Salam, dina nak tanya lah.. cam na ya bt faeeq tak makan oll junk foods? Klu maisarah tak bagi musti cranky... maisarah hyperaktif,lasak sgt... klu p supermarket/public mmg aku akan naik darah ja.. mmg dugaan... anay tips? Nasib lah ayah nya cool :)

Edi said...

salam ain,
utk faaeq, mula2 kitorg tak bagi dia makan sweets LANGSUNG. gula mmg buatkan dia hyper.. choc lagi la... makan sikit pun terlompat2 sampai mlm. so, mmg everytime dia terjumpa choc ke sweets ke, kalau dia nak mintak suruh bukak, cakap je NO kat dia and buat dek je.. last2 dia akan give up. takleh kesian2..

junk food lak, utk avoid dia makan, first of all, clearkan SEMUA kat rumah tu... ataupun sorokla dlm almari lain.. (sbb abg dia makan jugak skali sekala, plus biskut2 sumer tu abg dia mkn). so bile takde kat rumah, takdelah dia nak mintak kan. kalau dlm keter, bwkla bekal grapes ke (aku selalu beli yg seedless, senang), x pun air kotak ke.. at least kalau dia nak ape2, bagi dia fruits or juice la. other than that, dia makan nasik and lauk2 je..

x susah sebenarnyer.. maybe ko takleh nak stop terus.. so for start, buang semua yg kat rumah dulu. kdg2 bila kat rumah org/ gi kedai dia akan nak, tp kena stresskan NO kat dia.

skrg faaeq dah tau, dia takleh makan mende2 tu. even biscuits pun dia tau, dia takleh makan. kalaupund ia terjumpa, dia macam teragak2 nak ambik. ade gak dia try suruh kitorg bukak tp mmg buat tak tau je. last2 dia buang je and give up.

satu lagi sumber gula, susu. susu budak skrg sgt manis... cuba ko try minum.tu pun jadikkan budak hyper.

kak afiza said...

Anak akak memang sangat memilih bab makan sayur ni. Tapi, kalau akak masukkan brocolli dalam sup, pasta etc...sure habis. Dari kecik sampai sekarang, dia 11 tahun, makan brocolli, and carrots jer. tp, now, slowly i campur sayur lain like bayam and kangkong...maybe boleh cuba bagi faeeq brocolli....
Take care edi. I wish you all the best. Seronok baca that he has improved a lot after you introduced the diet to him.
Like other comments, akak pun sgt suka tengok you punya designs on cakes. Sgt simple tapi sangat cantik. take care.

Syahida said...

edi, a very nice & cool entry. i like!

Anonymous said...

I love your notes on faaeq. Yes only mothers know what are the best for her children. It is emmbedded in a mother's heart, the ability to decipher her child's needs. And you are such a wonderful mother.

Hope to read more about Faaeq's improvements.

Yunne Osman said...

i just love instagram too! it keeps my minds off things.

Edi said...

kak afiza,
thks for the suggestion.. u know, i tak terpk pun psl nak buat sup tu! so last weekends i tries masak cauliflowers, buat sup campur ayam and carrots... habis dia makan! i was surprised he ate that cauliflowers! sebab dah lembut kan.. so mcm sedap kot.. thks thks thks! pasni nak try broccoli pulak :D

syida, :))

kak wiz, tricky sket budak2 autistic nie.. kdg2 byk je improvements pastu tiba2 hilangg... tp i rase even hilang pun masih ade dlm brain dia, cuma kena cungkil je :) itu lg tricky nak buat.

kan kan kan? u posted so many nice photos, i like!!

UmmuAhmads said...

All the best edi...:) I always said to my husband, kalau sampai ke sudah dia tak bercakap pun, kat syurga nanti sure dia boleh bercakap...:) And insya Allah setiap usaha keras kita ada pahala disisi Allah... the end results, hanya Allah yang berhak untuk bagi kan.... but the efforts tu yg Allah tanya...:)

-kak cuya

Edi said...

kak cuya,
saya yakin dia akan boleh bercakap.. bila tu tak tau.. tapi betul la.. kalau bukan kat dunia nie kat syurga tu mmg tentu :) dulu target saya by 4 YO dia boleh cakap. nov 4th ni will be his 4th birthday. i think kena tukar target la :P

Didie said...

Kak edi, thanks for sharing. I'm supposed to feed Jaja gluten free food too. It's a recommended diet for juvenile arthritis too. Tapi masalah susah ler nak carik kat gluten free food kat Kuantan nih. You beli kat mana all those gluten free snacks and biscuits?

Btw, Jaja is having tooth problem too. Most prob kena buat macam Faeeq dulu. Will call you to get more info.

Edi said...

Jaja kuat susu tak? dia minum susu ape? kitorg pernah try Anmum (supposedly no added suger in it) tp faaeq susah betul nak bo-bo.. sembelit! we tried to cairkan susu tu tp still sembelit, so back to Dugro. But Dugro mmg manis.. and he drinks a lot! what we did was cairkan susu dia.. 8 oz tu, buh dlm 2 scoops je instead of 4. buat gradually, kalau tiba2 susu dia cair mesti dia taknak kan. last2 tu kalau letak 1 scoop pun dia minum je. now kitorg tgh nak ajar dia taknak tido with bottles... so far baru dlm 50% berjaya.. dia mcm takde comfort food dia, so agak susah nak tido.

abt that gluten free food, well, we dont bother to get those fancy gluten-free food pun... kalau u nak beli, kat cold storage i tengok ade. tapi..... tak perlu pun sebenarnyer.. org putih je yg sebok2 nak store bought itu ini gluten free, but actually i find it unnecesary (for me lah.. no offence to anybody). of you cook at home, almost dah cukup dah.. org putih makan pasta, pizza, which are all contain gluten... kita makan nasi. so kita sebenarnya lagi senang.. hari2 makan je nasik... masak lauk mcm2.. that's already gluten free..

as for snacks, ban all makanan rapu, ganti dengan fruits.. keropok pun ok, provided jgn ade msg and wheat starch.

i should probably do a list of what faaeq takes, boleh nampak sket kan? i'll try to make a blog post on that later. meanwhile, awak baca2 la dlm internet. kalau nak buat cakes sumer tu mmg ade gluten-free flour.. i think kat cold storage ade. tp i tak pernah buat lg so far.

i pun tgh pening kepala nak pk ape lg snacks yg dia boleh makan.. dahle dia suke biskut! kalau jumpe sekeping mcm jumpa harta karun!