Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cupcakes for Akikah

I had these photos for so long in my external, found it just now while i was searching for some other files. Apparently i didnt save these in my usual folder of 'cupcakes photos'.

Shima emailed me the design she wanted, but the original design was done in fondant. She wanted  buttercream cupcakes.. so i modified a bit but the design is very much similar to the original design from... i dont know who! so if you happen to know, pls inform me so can give credit accordingly.   

They are supposed to be cute little babies.. my version errr... i dont think they're perfect, but... hehe...

Anyway, THANKS shima, i think your baby mesti dah besar dah skrg!


*customer had her own box for packaging so i packed in normal box.
**cupcake price rm2.80 per piece (for >100pcs)

1 comment:

mimie1678 said...

adalah jugak rupa edi.... klu i.... jadi apa ntah... heheheeh...