Friday, April 1, 2011

Rest in peace and love..

We celebrated her 60th birthday last Wednesday. It was a simple celebration packed with love and appreciation for her. I baked her cupcakes with her favourite design, the henna. When my cousin Celya asked me to do her birthday cupcake, I was excited to do something different, a two-tier cake, a red velvet maybe? But Celya requested to just keep to cupcakes simply because she loves them!

When I brought the Divali cupcakes to Leena's place 2 years ago, she said to me, "Edina.. so lovely.. you really have time to do all this... ".. I smiled and said " Alah Aunty.. senang je.. lagipun saya suka... ". The way she adores my decorations made me feel complete. This is what it's all about. This is why I love to bake. This is why I really take my time to decorate every single cake. 

Nharen with the cuppies. One of the design was inspired by my grandmother's bangles. 

Her children, grandchildren, and family all around her celebrated her birthday last Wednesday.

.. and on Tuesday 29th March, we were all so deeply sadden when we got the news.. she is no longer with us... Aunty Subha passed away peacefully around 12 noon that day due to heart failure.

Rest in peace aunty... You will be always remembered and missed.. 


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Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear that. hope her soul rest in peace.

take care edina.

warm regards,