Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Many Thanks

Sorry dah lama x upload gambar.. semua ok cuma masa tak mengizinkan, tambah dengan Celcom yg buat hal.. dah masuk broadband, tetiba charge hp jadi rm300, pastu kena block hp, bla bla bla.. 10 kali call customer service baru settle... haih.. malas nak komen byk2... :-/

anywayyyyyy.... got to say my many thks to all who ordered.... if you would like to learn how to make these little cuties, drop me an email, my next class will be on 16th April! :)

 Thanks Laily and her two bestfriends who came over to pick up these cupcakes!
 Thanks Azean :)  **pssstt.. my sister's name is also Azian! hihi

 Thanks Ija, my roommate in IKATAN, who knows me inside out! Love you!

 ..also for Ija :)

 .. Ija's too.. for kenduri doa selamat at her sister's place in Gombak.

 Thanks Lee Ling. Nice meeting you!

 Love these cute little CARS characters..

 Thanks Murni! A sweet surprise for her husband!

Thanks Amira! What a sweet aunty u are!

 Prem! Thanks!!! Lovely to meet u, after.. urm... 10 years? :D

.. and these are for my cousin Kak Long.. also made hundreds of these vanilla choc chips plain cupcakes for my aunty, my friends and neighbors... hihi..

I'll catch up with you peeps later.. take care!

*** BECKY! It was a nice surprise to meet you the other day at LCCT! :))


Laily Zuwan said...

welcome kak... i love it!! so sweet and yummy~

Anonymous said...

Hi Edina,

Your cuppies are looking lovely and the frosting looks appetizing. If you don't mind, could you share the frosting recipe with me?


Anonymous said...

hello edina,

your cream looks yummy. are you able to share the cream recipe with us?


Edi said...

silva and sally, could you email me at edina2404@gmail.com... i need yr email address. tq!