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Friday, April 29, 2011

Beautiful Friday

As promised, here are the macarons I attempted 2 days ago. Finally, I think I got some decent ones! After watching youtube videos and blog hopping looking at others who attempted this, baru lah saya faham apa kesilapan yg saya buat sebelum ini...  Tapi faham2 pun, next try belum tentu jadik! ahaks! that's the beauty of it, i guess :)

 These are Chocolate Almond Macarons with white ganache and dark choc ganache fillings. YUM!

When these babies are placed in a nice box, they look like a million-dollar-babies! kan? 

 Kak ani, recognize the cute gift wrap I used? hihi...

Special req from my friend Kak Ani, for her 12th year wedding anniversary. I pun dah lama tak buat kek ni... bila lama tak buat, rasa teringin nak buat... kalau buat saja2, tak ada org nak makan kat rumah. last2 I yg habiskan.. dan nanti seluar mulalah nak kena 'jarakkan' hook. takpun pakai pin.. :P

 Lucious Red Velvet with fresh strawberries. The topping is cream cheese, icing sugar and butter folded with whipped cream. I couldn't stop licking my fingers, the spatula, the nozzle.... 

 Lime and green tea macarons with choc ganache filling. Ni saje nak tunjuk pinggan beli kat KK rm5 je sebijik!

 Yes, Laili, do that ok! Live happily ever after!! These are gifts for the newlyweds Laili and Imran.

Thanks Anisah! At first I thought the color combinations might not work, but they all came in together nicely :) Selamat bertunang, cepat2 kawin! :D

Have a great Friday everyone! and have fun at home during the long weekends. I cant wait for our birthday lunch today; Esah, Yatok, Nari and Anis! See u girls soon!