Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living from the Heart

These photos just made my day :-)
Little Nishea with her birthday cupcakes made by yours truly! :-)
Thanks Celya for sharing this.
Pls visit her at for brilliant, heartful and inspirational reads.

Love, edi


Anonymous said...


hehehe sajer jer kacau awak. Are you studying? I wish you the best k for your exam, make all the other bakers like me proud k. I think you are wonderful to continue your studies, unlike me the faint hearted one, I stopped half way. Kept telling myself to pick it up as soon but alas who am I kidding. That's why when I heard you are sitting for your exams, I was rooting for you to focus on your books and leave baking for awhile coz we both know how we escape in the world of cupcaking ni. I know, I have been there. Always blame it on the cupcake for everything, from weight gain, to the war of the worlds hahahaha. Take care.


Edi said...

kak wiz!!!!
suke lah bile kak wiz kacau! hehehe.. yes i'm studying.. and struggling! :(
it's so so hard to get a balanced life when u have to sort of divide your heart and soul to studies, family and work.. i'm hanging in there sampai habis nov ni, i'allah, then i wont even look at books and journals anymore-lah! letih!!! cuma buku baking je yg i nak tengok puas2.. hahahaha...

thks for dropping by kak wiz de artis!