Monday, April 26, 2010

We've Got A WINNER!

To tell you the truth, I WAS NERVOUS (ntah hape2 kan.. )
so here it goes.. FYI, the numbers are according to the photos i listed here.

all seven numbers were in here

i randomly picked one! after juggling all the papers..

jeng jeng jeng...
number 1!! which means ATIKAH!
congrates! congrates! congrates! contact me via email to claim your cupcakes :D

will do this again for sure. sapa yg tak de rezeki kali nie, pls try again next time k.. thks for always dropping by my page, i truly appreciate your visits.. take care!

ps: thks for all your birthday wishes. i baked the most amazing choc cake on saturday. will share the recipe soon.  

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