Friday, April 6, 2012

A Good Week!

I can see my feet!

Hello how are ya all doing? It's been pretty hectic for me this week coz Faaeq starts his school days at NASOM (National Autistic Society of Malaysia) and we have to adjust our schedule and get used to our new routine.. have to start our days as early as 6am (this is not so early for some pople, i know, but we usually wake up much later.. hehe). For me, i have to prepare food for Faaeq to bring (they dont provide food there), wake him up, bathe him, etc.. etc... with my husband's help, it's managable.. so far so good :) The biggest challenge i think is to get Imran on time coz the centre opens sharp at 7.30am (i usually reach there at 7.15, but hv to wait for a while) then rush to send imran to his school pulak! His school starts at 8am, and for this week, we usually will arrive 3-5 mins late. hmmm.... the tarffic is quite heavy along the way.. it's not that far (Setia Alam-Seksyen 7 Shah Alam) but i hate the trafffic! I wish my car comes with a 'kepak' button!  

So this is how the place looks like... many office lots are still empty coz the place is new, i think.. it's easy parking and clean environment.. the classroom is an open space where one teacher will attend  to only 3 students. It is more like individual attention and the teacher will do activities in accordance to what the child is capabale of doing.. for this week, i think they are still asssessing Faaeq.. to what extend he can do and what things they want to teach him first. From what his teacher told me, he can understand and follow simple intructions. And what he doesnt know, he'll learn after 2-3 attempts guided by the teacher. That's great! He is a bright child, I can see that he understands quite easily when i teach him, but he lost focus too soon! so, hopefully his focus will improve over time, by training and proper guides by his teachers here. And he needs to be toilet trained.. they will start doing that there.. i have tried to toilet train him and fail everytime! so it's really good if they start him at school and i follow the same method at home.   

Yesterday his teacher asked me to get him a set of color pencils and bind plain A4 papers for him to use.. just for conteng2 and coloring i think.. i got excited and even made a front cover for his papers.. hahaha... i hope the teachers wont laugh! (maknyer pulak yg excited).. i want him to recognize his book.. so i printed his photos on a paper i bought a looooongggg time ago.. i have to many colored papers and kertas yg comel2 mcm budak sekolah.. cant resist buying them at bookstores.. lepas tu simpan je x tau nak buat ape.. haha 

... and look at this sleepyhead.. abang Imran has been really great cooperating with our new routine.. all in all, it's really a great week for our family... today, the 5th day at school, i send off Faaeq after he gave me kisses on my cheeks and nose, he was smiling and walked straight into the class. Alhamdulillah...  


Note: Tomorrow i'll be attending a talk by Puan Intan Miranti (ANDI INSTITUTE) at UKM Bangi. I'll just paste Dr Hasnah Toran's info from fb if you want to know more.. it's walk-in and pay at the entrace talk.. and the topic is not actually for parents with autistic kids je.. any parents struggling to understand and handle their kid's behavior will surely learn a thing or two :)


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Dr Hasnah Toran is one amazing lady. Baik sgt. :)Next time datang UKM boleh la give me a call, boleh kita lunch sama2 dgn farah...if we're not too bz .ehhehe