Friday, December 9, 2011

Red Velvet

Tq Adda for both orders! Red Velvet with buttercream and  a set of cpcks.. Selamat pengantin baru! semoga bahagia sampai bila-bila ♥  .. and tq for recommending to Dya pulak.. see u tomorrow!

It's Friday already! To all who will attend my class tomorrow, pls try to be on time ya.. class will start at 9am.. It's been a tiring week, but alhamdulillah... there are some phonecalls i didnt get to attend to.. usually when i'm at home, the phone is conquered by the kids.. so kalau ade call pun dia akan ignore je.. sorry abt that.. u can sms me with yr enquiry, but pls be specific... jgnla bagi sms ," kak, saya nak order cupcake boleh?".. of course la boleh sebab mmgla akak buat cpcks.. hahahaha... pls at least state when do u want it (the date) so i can check the calender... i would really appreciate that. another option is to email it's the safest way la coz by sms ni kdg2 lupa... by email i can reply panjang lebar..:)

For those who wish to learn how to make cupcks, i have another class on 16th Dec (Friday).. do email me if u're interested to join..

Happy long weekend, drive safe and smile to the mirror before u brush yr teeth!



adda and amad said...

thanks kak edina! <3

Anonymous said...

u're most welcome adda!
-kak edi