Saturday, December 17, 2011


It's been almost a week since my last post! huhu.... i have so many things going on at work, sorry peeps! And in between that, baking, cupcake class and of course, faaeq... imran's in terengganu with my parents.. i'll be in Cameron from this Thursday till Xmas, then we're going straight to Terengganu.. Cameron this time will be work.. so nothing much will happen i guess :) we'll see.. going there during Xmas time  AND school holidays is definately scary! Confirmla traffic jam mana2.. hua.....

 Tq Musa!

 Tq Eira!

Tq Kak Zana!

A humble THANK YOU for coming to my cupcake class; Farah Nasuha, Intan Baizura, Ezza, Putri (u tertinggal apron u kat rumah i!), sisters Farah Farzana and Farah Atiqa, Wani, Suzliyati, Nor Adora, Fadhlina, Kak Yan, Ria, and Herlina.. hope u gain some new knowledge...i really had fun knowing all of u! 

I wont be taking anymore orders till new year... i know i owe many photos to those who ordered.. x sempat lagi nak upload semua.. i really need to organize my life la.. hahaha... meanwhile, have a great weekend.. have fun with family n friends! 


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