Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red... roses

Red is not my fav color, but i always end up choosing things in red if i have choices.. and RED ROSES... tell me any girl who can resist them! (mcm nak gi Cameron lagi je ni... ehem... )

Such a delightful set to make.. thanks Cik Dah!

Lately Faaeq is having trouble sleeping at night.. i feel sorry for him... i wish he could calm down and just close his eyes and sleep.... i wish he could hug his brother and say good night and dream little dreams in his fav blanket..

It's Wednesday already?! **yawn...
Today i'm wearing a polka dot scarf in brown and gold, and ready to face anything coming!
Bring it on! *yawn

Wish u have a great week ahead!



Syahida Yep said...

Roses are RED, violets are blue, Have a great week to u too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice cuppies Edi. Definitely a good soothing photo for my day at work.

Try to give him some hot chocolate or plain milk to calm him down. If he likes cartoon or music can let him watch till he falls asleep. Sorry to hear abt that.


Edi said...

syida, hope u had a great week! hehe.. sorilah lambat reply comment :P

i have to find some soothing music for him and put it on when we want to go to bed. milk or choc or milo will make him more hyper. anyway, these few days he's better, sleeps around 11pm and less tantrum. thks for yr words! appreciate it a lot!