Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raya 2011

Before anything, I am smiling thinking of how much fun we had during raya... Imran and Faaeq especially... it's good to be back at Terengganu.. my place is Chendering.. where Noor Arfa Batik is.. and the beautiful Masjid Terapung. Now another beautiful mosque is on the way, the new Masjid Raja Chendering, replacing the old wooden mosque where The Sultan used to pray every Raya and had his Terawikh there sometimes...   

After raya prayer (which i obviously couldn't go *faaeq wont stay put) we headed to The Lagoon which is about 200 meters our home.. we had our Raya photos taken there a few years back and we thought it's a great place to pose!   

Maaf zahir batin, Grandpa, Tokma... it's been a long time... since we're back in town :) 

 All in the family. My sister and brother whom are so so so far away... i wish they are near always! Look at Faaeq.. isn't he the cutest! hahaha

Second day of raya, we went to visit my aunt and uncle at Dungun... had the best nasi minyak!

Third raya, we headed to Kota Bharu to visit my grandmother, uncles and aunties at Tok Bali, Gunong, and Kota Bharu. (My mom is a Kelantanese.. my dad is from Tangkak. My siblings, are all Orang Ganu kiterrr... )



Kay said...

Kak Dina...

Dungun kat mana?

sy kat alor tembesu

Anonymous said...

Kay, bakpe dop mari jln dumoh raya aritu? rumah mokcik dekat kuala abang... depan sekoloh tu, masuk lorong..

ibuaries said...

bestnyer org ada kg ni...kita raya kat bandar aje huhuhu. tp yg penting dpt beraya dgn family kan :-)

Anonymous said...

betul, yg penting dengan famili, tak kirelah kat mana pun... kat bandar pun enjoy jugak kan.. boley borong kuih raya n baju raya last day tu... :D


Anonymous said...

Edi- Trengganu is my 2nd love after my hometown la kan.

I love the raya pictures and I even thought besar nya laman rumah kat kampung you, depan tasik lagi.

Selamat Hari Raya Edi.

Saya skrg mood sgt rajin untuk update blog.

Anonymous said...

Selamat hari Raya Ed !
Cantik gambar sekeluarga tu :)
U and ur sis cam kembar..sama manis !

~ Ddah

Anonymous said...

salam Ddah,
selamat hr raya to u too! thks for always coming by.. adik i dengan i mmg kembar tp 5 years apart! hehe