Monday, September 19, 2011

No words..

* me waiting, faaeq protesting, imran ice-creaming, m&m cupcks-thanks Sab, places i've been..

*new addition to the garden-thanks Yan!, engagement cupcks to Raub-thanks Marlina!, carrot cake..

How have you been? Saya sihat (bertambah sihat dan sudah 'kaup' balik lemak 3 kilo yg hilang waktu puasa *uwaaa....)

I took 1 week off last week so that explains my silence :) Sent off my sister at the airport this morning.. dah habis cuti 3 minggu... now back to work :(

I'll catch up with u girls later!



Anonymous said...

Edi, miss seeing your colorful pretty cupcakes photos here. It's stress reliever for me apart from my stressful job at work.

Hope to look forward to more cupcake photos :)

Hope all is well with you, Faeq & your family.

Hope everything is going on smoothly at your new home :)


EvisuKyme said...

lawak lah memo kak edy...
i like "kaup balik 3kilo yg ilang waktu pose.."

Anonymous said...

yeah i know.. been putting them (the photos) off for quite a while. beleive it or not, i havent picked up the dslr since i moved last month! sgt malas rasanya.. i will be back! hehe

iyelah... dah berlipat balik dah ni perut kak edi ni.. :((
dulu flattt je tau! haha