Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Engagement Amy ♥ Syed

 Amy likes the above design and requested similar ones done in pink, purple pink and cream.

 She also wanted this design, and requested it to be in gold, cream, dark brown and light pink. She came to my house with her lappy, and opened all my photos she saved in a huge word file. I was surprised! Apparently she couldnt choose which one she liked most :)

The colors turned out to be a pretty combination. Good choice Amy!
And thanks Kak Lin (Amy's sister, my neighbor) who sponsored these for Amy's engagement.

Kawin cepat2... x payahla tunggu lama... hihi



Miza said...

Akak, cupcakes akak TERLALU GORGEOUS! I love u lah kak Edi. Hehehe ^_^

Anonymous said...

Miza, I LOVE U TOO! hehehe.. tq..
akk xleh nak bukak webpage awakla.. nape eh?
-kak edi

Miza said...

Hehehe Miza br prasan! Miza x letak 'about me' kt blog pastu Miza x tick box 'share my profile' kt dashboard sbb dh ltk gmbr lain kt blog. X sangka plak tu menyebabkan org xleh access blog >_<

Tq kak Edi for pointing that out. *jeles gila dgn kapkek akak*

♥ u! :D

Anonymous said...

xyah jelous2.. awak pun boley buat! kek awak sumer cantik2! cheesecakes tu buat akk meleleh air liur pagi2 nie.. huaaa

-kak edi