Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pretty paper doilies

I'm a big fan of doilies.. especially paper doilies. I so adore my mom's crotchets, i tried my hand at it once but failed miserably. haha.. some things are just not meant for me, sewing it is.

I think the cheapest place u can buy pretty paper doilies ~ bakery shops! and Jusco. They carry square ones too!

For this RV i made for myself (hihi), i put a paper doily on the cream cheese topping (might be a good idea to put the cake in the fridge for a while to make the topping stiffer) and dust cocoa powder on it. Take it away, and voila! I adore the effects! Love it. Full stop.

Since this is a small cake (7 inch), i just used a part of the pattern on it. Imagine if u have a bigger cake and a prettier doily. Imagine the possibilities... :D

Brilliant, ey!?

Have a good Wednesday, friends!


Anonymous said...

such a creative idea. i loike !


Aisyah Pahmi said...

waaa cantik!

Anonymous said...

i love them too. Make lotsa cards and decorate the kids' artwork, lapik all my drawers. sib baik doilies ni senang koyak kalu tidak lama dah i buat baju and tampal kat langsir lol!


mukyea said...

hye.. can u share which bakery or jusco that sell square doilies?

Edi said...

Hi mukyea
I saw at Jusco BUkit Raja.. but that was a long time ago.. dont know whether they still have the square doilies or not.


mukyea said...

owh.. thanx for letting me know.. will hunt for it at major jusco outlets as well if i cudnt find it there..

thanx again