Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cupcake Class 2 July 2011

I know, I should've shown you our Cameron trip photos.. pls be patient with me, I am caught up in between updating this blog and work! ...and some nasty things in between you wouldn't want to know :P

Btw, my next class will be on this Saturday, 2nd July from 9 am at my place, Bandar Saujana Putra. Drop me an email at edina2404@gmail.com if you'd like to join, or just asking me questions abt it.. no worries, I'll try to respond promptly.

Thanks! Catch up with u soon darlings!



Anonymous said...

Finally u r back... :)
lama cek tgk blog ni sunyi je. love the pic and happy birthday to Imran....bila nak dating ye?


Anonymous said...

hehe.. bunyik mcm lama je menyepi eh... ade je.. tp kelam kabut sket la. nanti semua dah in order boleyla cerita ceriti pjg sket kat blog ni. buat masa sekarang update gambar jelah.. hihi..

tu lah dah lama kiter tak dating. jom jom. lunch pun jadikler.. nak bertemu mata.. hehehehehe


Anonymous said...

You are floating! good to see you enjoyed your trip Edi. I have always loved cameron Higlands. Kalau boleh nak duk situ and buat B&B. But tanah mahal sana.