Wednesday, June 22, 2011

See ya!

We'll be in Cameron Highlands by this time tomorrow, i'allah :) This Sunday is Imran's birthday and he already 'ordered' a big choc cake with Naruto photos on top! "Imran nak kek yang ibu buat, tp imran taknak ibu lukis.. ibu lukis tak cantik!" Grrr...

Alrite.. anything for you my dear boy. I can't believe he's 7, healthy and smart.. and also an origami fanatic! He will do origami anywhere, believe me. Even while waiting for our turn at the clinic, he'll fold the waiting ticket into tiny fighter jet and play with it. He was born 1.3kg, just as small as my palm, struggling to breathe and drink in his incubator.. now.. look at him!

Bye now, see u next week!

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Syahida said...

Happy Birthday Imran!! :D