Monday, March 14, 2011

Of Tsunami and friendship

I was so worried sick of my friends in Japan when I heard the news. I was also worried about my students' safety where ever they are in Japan. And I'm still worrying about the people in Japan, their safety and their well being after being hit by the earthquake and followed by tsunami. Yesterday I watched the news and saw Iwaki, the small sleepy town I used to spend 6 months of my life, was also hit by tsunami! It looked really bad.. I just hope it's not that bad in real (trying to deny the situation). And the nuclear reactor.. ahhh... that is so scary to even think!

Alhamdulillah from emails and thru facebook, I know they're fine if not doing really great. At least they are safe.

Japan is really close to my heart. I have so many good friends over there. My colleagues, my boss from the previous company I worked with, my students... It must have been hard for those who are affected :(

Q-chan and Katsuki, thank God u're safe!

With Katsuki who came to Sydney all the way from Iwaki, Japan to visit me while I was there.
This photo was taken in 2006.. si kecik tu Imran tu!

We in Malaysia is so blessed with so many things including safety and our peaceful neighborhood. I hope all the warm people in Japan will get thru this hard time. Be strong my friends!



Anonymous said...

It just rips you apart to see human's sufferings brought by a natural disaster. In an instance lives taken, property destroyed. A reminder of how small we are.

I pray for the people in Japan. And at the same time I pray for us here too, mintak dijauhkan musibbah sebegitu. Hope your friends and all your students are safe and well.

Edi said...

kak wiz, betul.. mmg insaf bila tengok musibah yg ditimpa oleh org lain, di negara lain. betapa bertuahnya kita di bumi malaysia ni..