Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I pray for your safety...

.. this is the rest of what she wrote..

Nuclear Power Plant had some problems with the schok

Night...offical Announcement about the Plant

prepare for 'just in case' our evacuation

13/3/2001 One of the facilitiy was exploded

People lives in 20Km around the Plant,had started evacuate

2nd problem was founded...

14/3/2011 Third facility was exploded again

now the time is 1:40 at night 15/3.

sitll engeeners in power plant are working on sloving problems,

but situation is not very good...keep reporting on TV.

Still keep comming the aftershocks all day...

I think I can't sleep tonight again.

ah, now again warnning for the quake from TV.

Me and my family and house is OK.

some friends and relatives lost their houses.

and one friends's brother is missing.

I have a place to stay and food & water for now.

but already run out of gas for my car.

so I'm not sure what will we do tomorrow.

still I'm OK.

I'm not sure when will I can login to FB.

TV says tomorrow they may shuts electricity.

Thanks friends send me e-mails asking how am I.

Thanks our Self Defence,US, UK, Ausee, NZ, French,

Germany, Korian, Chineese,and other countries 's Rescue Teams.

We really need your help.

I believe we can survive.

Pray for us, thing is not getting worse.

When the whole thing settled down, I will be here again.

After a while!!

I really glad to see news paper of UK 'Independent'

says 'Don't give up Japan, Don't give up Tohoku' in front page.

'Tohoku' means 'North-East'.See More

~7 hours ago ·
This is her email to me this morning..
 from遠藤 かつき

to Edina Azhar edina2404@gmail.com

subject Re: hey

hi, Thaks for your mail.

Me and My familiy is OK. but still worring so many after shocks and matter of nuclear power plant.

Luckely our house is also OK so we have a place to saty.

but no water, Gas, and food.

now I could get in touch friends and all are fine.

but one friends brother is still missing, and some losts their houses.

still danger , it depends on the situation of power plant,

and today also we got a Tsunami warning, so we run away ,

and at the same time explosions happend 50Km aways from us....

I can't sleep these 3days, and at the day time, we have to go to get food and water....but tomorrow, no gas for the car.


but, I repeat, I AM FINE. and family is also fine.

I'm not really sure when I can check the e-mail, so can't check FB for a while maybe.

so thinkgs are settled down, I will contact you, or drop some lines on FB, OK?

Thank you very much your message, pray for us!
Oh, I'm so worried!


mangosteenskin said...

my prayers go to them too. semoga mereka tabah. kasihan sungguh ketika ini mereka benar2 dalam kesusahan.

Edi said...

betul mango.. dahla skrg ni sejuk... bayangkan xde letrik and air.. makanan pun makin kurang.. nak isi minyak kereta pun xde..

Maizatul said...

edi, meremang baca mail kawan u.takleh nak bayangkan kalau berada di tempat mereka. my prayers to them too.

fasya said...

risau bila fikirkan pasal nuclear plant tu..semoga semua selamat.ada nak buat jualan amal utk donate ke depa?

Edi said...

thks mai and fasya..
she and her family is doing good.. things can be much worse but they are holding up. Japan people are strong people. i'allah, they'll be fine. insaf betapa bertuahnya kita di bumi msia nie.. kan?