Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Favors

My neighbor, Kak Lin, ordered these for her sister's wedding, to be given to the groom's family.. We went to the wedding at Seremban, Kak Lin said "TAK CUKUP"... siap ade yg mintak "acik nak yg camtu ado ko?"
Kak Lin personally chose the design from my English Garden set.
Thks a lot Kak Lin!
Happiness Forever for the lovely couple Atty and Ariff ♥

*poor photo quality due to "malas nak gi tempat yg ade cahaya", yours truly
*doorgift (3 1/4 oz cupcake size, with packaging, and pretty ribbons of your choice): rm8 each (minimum order 10pcs)


KG said...

so shweet, i suka!

Edi said...

thanksh KG!!! :D

Maizatul said...

ghaso cam nak kawin balik...hehehehe...the packaging is so nice...

Edi said...

eh mai.. jgn!!! hehe..
thks.. i cant resist making them pretty! puas membelek..