Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Princess and Flowers

Thanks a lot Ana, Putra Heights.
This set : rm90 (36pcs cupcakes) + rm20 (princess edible image) = rm110

Some friendly notes: (this has nothing to do with Ana, just something bothering me lately)
1. pls pls pls call me if you think u will have more than one questions. dont SMS, i'm trying to save on my phone bill :-)

2. i would prefer if you just email me at i'm not promising prompt answer (coz i dont have internet connection at home), but i have access elsewhere. plus, if you enquire/book early, there is no rush to wait for the answer. if you, however, want on the spot answer, i'm just a phone call away!

3. when you fill the form, pls fill in as many details as u want on your cupcakes. if you have changes, i would prefer if you re-fill the form (just cut n paste je..).. coz sometimes i do missed out on details if u sms/sent in separate email.

4. pls be on time for pick up. or at least try.  i try my best to be on time, hope u make an effort on your side too.. however, i would totally understand if there is any unforeseen circumstances.. dont worry, i tak mengamukla.. hehehe..

5. hmm... itu je kot :D

have a great day buddies!

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