Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hellow Mellowwww...

Lama senyap.. yup yup.. i just got back to work after 10days leave.. yippie! believe it or not, the holidays were just spent at home or around KL only.. i did accomplished my targetsss.... the list i made before the holidays.. what i wanted to do at home.. hehe. i didn't bake the Red Velvet cake tho.. nantilah tunggu ade mood.. i however, made a bread pudding i've been craving.... and after eating so much of it (i ate almost all by myself, half the recipe, my mom ate just a few slices.. ), i checked my glucose level and it's still under control.. so i guess i'm still good... i didnt take a large portion at one go, just a slice at one time.. plus being at home, u can't stay put.. ade je bende nak buat kan.. so all those activities burnt all the sugar i consumed, i guess... :)

So how is everyone doing?

My 'helper' a.k.a. the cupcake organizer and the cupcake toyol! He would hand me the cupcakes one by one to put the icing and arrange them in the box... and when i'm not looking, he'll quickly lick the icing! huarghhhhhh...  

 Wedding cupcakes in silver and purple theme.. couldnt achieve silver using buttercream, so the beads helped to match the theme... i used a tiny bit of black to get grey color.. Thank you Amissa, Arida's sister who ordered this set all the from New Zealand. The bride came to pick up these cpcks just a day before her wedding day.. Selamat Pengantin Baru Arida and Zahrul.

Delivered these 2 sets for Nurul Hana at Angkasapuri.. then she brought these to Kedah by a rombongan bus.. Somehow my husband agreed to be the driver... so i agreed on the delivery... no offence, but i wont deliver any cupcakes anymore.. to much hassle being in the car with the kids and having to take care of the cupcakes, plus all the sesat barat... it's just not  worth the time and effort as compared to the money.. it's just me i guess... kalau susah sikit je mula la taknak buat :( so bad!

I'm 19 weeks and counting.. alhamdulillah all went well.. all the check-ups are well.. i can feel baby's movement sometimes when i lie down.. otherwise, maybe it's too early to feel the sidekicks and all.. today i'm taking my sugar level every 2 hours after meal.. i bought the tester, poke my finger, squeeze one drop of blood each time (ouch!) and the last time, the reading was 5.4... so i think i'm good.. as long as it stays below 6, i'm good! The soya milk at my canteen looks REALLY GOOD and i'm sooo tempted to buy it.. but i know, minum je sure fail la kali ni! According to the dietition (i attended his talk last month), the 'less sugar' version of Yeos (or drinho?) contains about 5 teaspoons sugar u know! Imagine that.. and it's "less sugar" huh.. hmmmm....

Why are there so many ants on my table? Busuk pulak tu!

Bye now.


syida said...

love the flowers..sweett!

btw, menyesal pulak x lepak2 ngan u ms cuti sekolah ari tu :(

Edi said...

tu lah i pun ingatkan u balik that weekend je... rupernyer dah seminggu... hehe.. xpe, next time i'allah..

Anonymous said...

Hi Edi,

Happy to see you back on your blog. I noticed recently your cuppies are mostly pink color and flowery designs :) :)

Don't drink those yeos, marigold etc, those are just loaded with perservatives. If you go near market area, can get freshly brewed soya milk. Just tell them to add little sugar syrup.

Table ada ants means got some food particles lah. Just wipe it clean and ants should be gone. Few weeks ago I had em on my desk cos I used to eat breakfast at my desk. Was rather annoying to find those ants crawling...


Edi said...

Hi Sally,
Now that u've mentioned it, baru i notice yg betulla.. asyik buat flowers je.. but all are requests from customers.. just foloowed what they wanted but who knows maybe it's coming from the baby inside too? hehe..

I try not to drink any sweetened drinks anymore now. just plain water and milk, that's it. i think mostly the culprit is the rice, so i reduce taking raice during meals.. eat lots of veggies.. but hormones to go haywire during pregnancies.. at least during my pregnancies, mmg hormon kacau bilau.. not much i can do about it, just hoping for the best while trying to control my food. it sucks when u want to eat EVERYTHING but u have to limit yrself.. hehe.. but for the sake of health, i have to.. dont want to spend my pregnancy this at at the hospital, yikes!

thank u Sally!

Anonymous said...


Do you want to consider trying brown rice? I think you can get the eco-brown brand from giant or tesco (most supermarket sold it). I eat only brown rice at my home. The only difference is that when u make brown rice, for one pot beras you need to add 2 pot water. I eat that cos my hubby tend to put on weight easily when eat the normal rice. Bila makan brown rice, situation under control.

Hope you have a smooth sailing pregnancy.


Edi said...

how does it taste? the brown rice i mean... sama mcm beras biasa kan? i've tried wholemeal bread, high fibre cereals and what-not.. i took them in moderation.. still not satisfied with my sugar level. i think i need to eat less and less but more frequent. the thing is, when u work, u forget to eat then suddenly u lapar gilerrrrr and mula la makan tak ingat! hehehe.. tq Sally!