Thursday, November 10, 2011


Staying in a boarding school for 5 years, I have so many great memories and lessons in life learnt from there.... if u've ever entered a boarding school too, i'm sure u know all about 'kakak angkat', petsist, toing la macam2la... hehehe... all that reduce to one single aim, to have someone to 'look up to', or to depend on if we have crisis, someone to show us all the 'fun' being in a dormitory.. teenagers.. kan mcm2 hal... hehe.. awal2 masuk Form 1, we were 'assigned' to one 'sister'.. macam kakak angkat la.. we have to go find her and get to know her.. she'll guide us serba sedikit on 'asrama life', bring us to our weekly 'wayang' (back then we had a projector, tengok movies kat dinding blok sekolah! Ingat tak Chucky? We screamed our lungs out masa Chucky hidup semula!--- well, those younger generations maybe tak 'kenal' kot Chucky).. haha

 Eeta was my 'sweetheart' back then... she's my classmate, one of my best friends... paling ingat... when i had chicken pox, masa tu form 3... i had to be quarantined, Eeta came to stay with me in the sick bay, HOPING to get infected so she could have a long MC too! hahaha... i remembered she bought a bar of chocolate and shared that with me, hoping to catch the virus. It didnt work tho. haha.. the next day my dad came and fetch me home.. i had a good (but painful) 2-week break :P

Yeah.. i miss my school. i miss my bestfriends.. they're all busy people now. *sigh

So thanks Eeta.. didnt get to meet u when i send this.. (sent these to her mom's place) Hopefully in the near future, eh?! and i owe u a red velvet cake ok!


*my school: Sekolah Tun Fatimah, JB. my home: K. Terengganu


chezzem said...

Love the colour combo!

Rima said...

I ingat chucky!! hahaha punya lah seram dah tu last last part chucky kawin i tak leh angs and tak suka that part :o(

Rainbow cake memang sentiasa ade wow factor.. budak budak suka!

IntanRizal said...

salam edi... i remember chucky too and i've been in boarding school since form 1... yes, it is th ebest memories... :D
btw, i'm making cuppies for my cousin wedding tomorrow. this is my first time. i like your cuppies deco and would like to copy some of your deco... hope it is ok with you...

Edi said...

suke jugak :) actually ade org req color combo yg sweet and bg sample.. i ikut je.. pastu gatal gi buat mcm colorful base dia.. konon la.. hehe

I ingat nak carikla cerita tu.. nak suruh anak i tengok pulak. Epic tu.. hahahaha

go ahead.. go make some cupcakes.. yg simple2 pun takpa, sbb when they're put together mesti cun punye :)