Monday, October 31, 2011

Red Velvet.. my fav!

Illa Mahat: akak..cake tu sgt velvet cake yg akak buat moist sgt..thanx sgt2..:) yg akak buat juga soooo cute..♥

Thanks a lot Illa.. yr message just made my day :) 

This is Red Velvet with buttercream topping. The design was requested by Illa herself, specifically wanting that pink crown, white bace and some small crowns at the side.. It's not easy to hand draw that huge crown on a cake! fuh.. i prefer to draw n cupcakes actually... the 'surface area' is smaller and less stressful :P
Yes RV goes best with cream cheese topping.. that's the match.. but cream cheese is soft and i cant possibly draw on it.. and the cake must be kept refrigerated, if not, the cream chs tu akan lembik.... if u want a more 'durable' RV, choose buttercream :)
Thanks Illa! Happy 21st birthday... finally, the 'key' is yours!
*RV with buttercream, rm70

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