Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today is Tuesday

My school! Sekolah Kebangsaan Chendering. That's the path I walked and somedays cycled to my class every day. The beach is right at the back. Those days there was no gate so we could sneaked out and walked to the beach during lunch break.

Taken during last election day at K. Trg :)

Some things stuck in your head forever.

Like how you greet your teachers when they come on yr class? "Asssalaaaaamualaikum Cikgu!!!" *sila baca dgn irama sama masa darjah 1 dulu ok..
Sekarang Upin Ipin dah tukar dah lagu tu.. "Seeelamat Pagi Cikgu!"

Bile time English period, Sir saya yg sangat garang akan tulis di papan hitam (Imran dah tak tau ape itu papan hitam ok!)

Tuesday, 26th July 2011

"What day is today?"

The whole class will sing, "Todayyyyy is Tuesdayyyyy"

Somehow, it did helped us to memorized the days of the week..

Sekolah saya dulu (dah sekarang) ialah sekolah kampung.. rumah dekat dengan pantai, (Pantai Chendering).. so ramai classmates saya yg ayahnya nelayan.. dtg sekolah berselipar, baju comot2, muke pun comot.. tak tau baca, tulis, (sampai darjah 6 pun ade yg tak tau).. ade yg ayahnya dah hilang di lautan... takde seorang pun yang saya ingat datang sekolah dihantar dengan kereta. Dengan moto adelah.

Tapi saya masih ingat semua muka2 classmates saya. Susunan masing2 dlm kelas pun ingat, masa darjah 6 jela.. sampai sekarang. nama maybe x ingat, tp muka ingat.. so kalau terserempak bile balik Trg, mmg cam, cuma malu la nak tegur... kalau prmp okla.. kalau laki, buat dunno je.. hihi

The toilet that's so famous of so many ghost stories. I dare not go inside alone. Evrytime i need to do my 'thing', i'll just climb the back gate and ran to my house. My grandma was always home. I miss her.

My home. I miss home. Will be back for raya, can't wait!

Alhamdulillah my dad completed his Europe journey last Sunday. He was away for 2 months.. covering Prague, Venice, Italy, Paris,  Swiss, and many other countries and places unknown to me.. Now he is back at my sister's place in York. They'll spend the fasting month there and will be back home on 27th Aug, just in time for Raya! Pa, go trim those white beard and u'll look like George Clooney in a glance! :D

ok... enuf babbling... yesterday the contractor who's gonna do my kitchen called me to come today, to install the kitchen cabinets! Yay! Since both me and my husband can't get off work today, i told him to install tomorrow.. hb will be around tomorrow.. can't wait!

my dream kitchen... apparently all those pretty tiles are so hard to find. *sigh*
*pic from google, saved it in my pc for so long.

Till then, i'll brag more about my kitchen, altho not so dreamy, i will love it unconditionally coz we forked out our savings just to make it happen. So, no more orders till Raya, I'll pack my oven this Thursday after my last order of the month.

Take care!


Fazlinil Irma said...

kak edi.. nanti nak gi kelas akak lagi lah. tapi masa kat rumah baru. heheh. boleh..? ;D

Anonymous said...

hehe.. irma, boley.. tp kena tolong basuh pinggan la kali ni ;D
-kak edi

nurulhaiza said...

kak edi,

what a coincident.... nurul pon menyimpan gambar dapur idaman yg sama dgn akk. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

nurul, ye ke? hihi.. samala kiter... jom berangan bersama... la la la..