Monday, June 13, 2011

Marble Ganache (Nutella) Cake

I've been eyeing this cake for a  long time.. since I saw KG made this and she said it's one of her fav!.. I know it must be good! I trust her taste :) Rima made this during Eid 2010... hmm.... the recipe has been on my to-do cakes since long! Finally... yesterday I made this cake together with my SIL back in Rembau.. It was her first time seeing how the marble effects were made.. I know she was mesmerized by it! Lepas ni buat lagi ok adik! :)

So here's the recipe, originally adapted from Bro Rozzan's blog. I changed the measurements to cups and saucers.. haha.
And I used chocolate ganache instead of nutella coz the kids are eating the nutella with bread so I'll be cursed if they saw their nutella spread is gone! It's just as good with ganache.. anything chocolaty and creamy is goooddd...

Marble Ganache (Nutella) Cake


1 cup butter (about 250-270g) - I used 1 block of buttercup 250g
2 tbsp condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla

2 cups Hong Kong flour
1 cup caster sugar
6 large eggs (1 used 7 grade C eggs from my MIL's fridge!)
1 tbsp ovalette
1 tbsp water
1 tsp baking powder

10g cocoa powder
1 tbsp chcocolate paste/emulco

Nutella spread (or choc ganache - recipe follows)

1.Beat (A) butter, milk and vanilla until thick and fluffy.

2. In another bowl whisk (B) eggs, ovalette, water, baking powder, flour and sugar until thick and fluffy too.

3. Combine (A) and (B), mix well. (just use your spatula to combine)

4. Remove 1/4 of the batter and mix with cocoa powder and chocolate paste/emulco.

5. Prepare cake tins, I used 8x8 inch square silicon baking tray.

6. Marble the batter, scoops the plain batter and dollop the cocoa batter here and there. Use a stick to do the marbling effects. (If u're not sure how, refer youtube on how to do the marbling effects on cakes)

7. Bake at 150C for about 30 minutes. ( I baked 160C for 30mins)

8. When the cake is done, let it cool completely, slice the cake into two and spread Nutella or Choc Ganache in between.

Chocolate Ganache
100g cooking choc
100g whipping cream or fresh cream
a pinch of salt

Double boil everything until the choc melt. Let cool. Spread.

I didnt have time to properly photograph the outcome. Anyhow, the cake is super soft, I love it! This is indeed a keeper. Even without the ganache or nutella, I still love this cake. A simple cake with a lot to offer :)

KG's and Rima's version is here and here.

Bye now!


Farah said...

So tempting.... hmmm hope to bake soon...I archive it .... delicious even with looks
Colours are the most playful thing for, if you also like to play with them and want some beautiful result please check me at

Anonymous said...

Memang sedap. I think the nutella tu tak yah letak coz most of the time nutella tu lagi sedap dijari hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

tq farah :)

kak wiz, ha ah, i think buat yg plain pun ok. kek ni x manis sgt. just nice :)


Maizatul said...

I tried this too using KG's version. It was sooo good that my family loves it.....easy and sedap....

Anonymous said...

Mai, betul. recipe yg senang dan sedap sgt berguna kalau masa2 org dtg rumah atau nak balik kg.. believe it or not, this is the first time i buat kek yg pakai ovalette.. haha. poyo. carik ovalette x jumpe, rupernyer dia label emulsifier.. aunty kedai tu kata 'sama maaa....'


iamja77 said...

sedapnya edi.. terliur aku. nak belajo buat kek lah..

Anonymous said...

Ja, beli oven and hand mixer.. oven kecik je pun cukup.. kek buat sendiri 100x lebih sedap dr kedai.. kite tau lak tu ape kite bubuh dlm kek tu.. kalau kedai, x tau ape dia pakai.. plus it's baked with love so totally worth it! (haha, process nak meracun ko ni!)