Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday :)

Hye all!
I feel better today :) I put on my best silk pants, I'm wearing my favourite bangles and I'm ready for a good Friday! Yay!

 Thanks a lot Hawa :)

 Thanks Diana! Nice car babe!

 Cupcakes for Imran's teachers and also the bibik at his school. She might be the one who appreciated this most. Made me smile when her eyes twinkled knowing one humble package is for her! I know she won't be reading this, but thank you for keeping safe Imran's fav ring when he lost it at the Dewan Makan!

 Thanks Ruhaini who ordered the same cupcakes last year on Teacher's Day.

Thanks Siti Aminah for both orders! :)

I think I've lost it.. I keep repeating the same old design. Although most of you do request me to do the design based on what I have here on my blog.. I still think I've lost it! Huaaa... I need some inspirations! Maybe I've stopped looking around for inspirations, kot.. I should go out more and shop more! hahaha... is that relevant? Yes I think so. Yesterday I went to Jakel and was in awe of how amazingly creative all those kain-kain! The design and colors are just fabulous. So different and pretty. Go the their 4th floor (or was it 5th floor?) and look at those kain! I can't afford to buy them but I can feast my eyes for free.. so.. just pretend I'm a Mak Datin and belek2 jelahhh... hahahahhaaha....

I'm going to have a cupcake class next week, Friday. There is only one more seat left and based on my previous classes, people will email and sms me on the very last minute.. I feel awful to not let you in but my home is small and I have 2 tables which can accomodate maximum 6 people at one time. My oven is small too... and I'll be conducting the class alone so I think 6 is the max I can handle at one time. I want everyone who attended feel happy and puas hati lah kan bayar rm150 tu.. betul2 dpt ilmu dan boleh buat di rumah pulak lepas tu... :)))

Till then, have a great weekends everyone! I'll be working tomorrow... after work we'll be heading to Rembau to visit Mama and Babah, Mak Teh and Incik and all kiddos at home!

Take care and drive safe!


Maizatul said...

selamat bercoooti...

Edi said...

tq maii.. u tooooo!!! :D