Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good morning...

Salam... the day started off as not a good one.. anyhow i hope the good things will come later in the day.. i had a nightmare last night after watching 'Shelter'.. i dreamt i was bleeding non-stop and i died! This morning otw to work, i saw a bad bad bad accident on the federal highway. the ambulance/police had to pour sand on the road where the accident happened. i believe it was to clean the blood? i couldnt see anyone injured there, maybe dah ke hospital. the car looked so bad! then.. near imran's school, i nearly knocked down a motorcyclist ( i didnt see him coming, really!) and he cursed and cursed me like mad. i understand his anger... tapi.... saya betul2 tak nampak.... sorry :(

anyway.... here are some photos for your eyes! last friday i cant update this blog. i wanted to give away 2 boxes of cupcks for free to the lucky 2 readers.. konon2 nak buat siapa cepat dia dapat la... but i cannot upload anything, post anything, and by afternoon i decided i'd give the cupcakes to those who ordered that day.. who were Nuha from PJ and Nurul from UiTM.. rezeki they all la :)

Nurul got this!

Nuha got this!

 Thanks Nuha! :) *design requested by nuha.

Thanks Nurul! :)

 Thanks Amanina! :)

Thanks Shafira :)

Till then... i still.. have that so-not-good feelings... 
Hope your day is brighter! :)


Azfa said...

Laaa...I kat sini pun sama..rasa macam tak best je..mungkin hari ni hari weng weng sedunia for both of us kot..ish ish ish..

Tak pa. esok definitely would be better

Edi said...

hehe... itulah... blame it on the weather! :D
yes, esok mesti bess sebab esok jumaat! yahoo!