Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A class to remember

Omedetou (Congratulations in Japanese). Thanks Deja!

Thanks Laily!

Thanks Lydia for both!

Thanks Rina Razlan!

The week has been crazy with orders. Alhamdulillah, thanks for all your support. I hate to say 'no' to requests but of it's last minutes, I have to coz I just can't. I hate to dissappoint you but I have to be rationale to myself and my family too, right? 

We had a great time during our cupcake class last Saturday, together with an Ustaz from Seremban who came all the way.. I had great respects for him who are willing to travel far, to get the knowledge of his lifetime! Just imagine an ustaz swirling roses and rossettes! It was indeed a rich experience for me, and the girls too! We giggled and laughed out hearts out with his jokes and 'celoteh'.. yesterday he texted me saying he has bought all the necessary tools to start off his cupcake adventure! :))

To Aida, Nurul, Teha, Dik Da, Kak Fazilah and Ustaz Haris, THANK YOU for coming. Hope u had a great time and most importantly gained something new during the class :)   



Syahida said...

edi, the one with the strawberries look SO yummyyyy!! i like..must order one of these days..hehe

Edi said...

hehehehe... boley2... next time turun usj calling2la :)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

kak edi, selepas setahun menghadiri baking class kak ed, saye baru berjaya buat muffin choc chips je last week. hehehe iye, anak murid pemalas :p

Edi said...

reen, bukan pemalas, tp x sempat kan? awak kan sibuk kawin... hehehehe.. xpe.. ilmu dah ade, trylah carik masa.. mesti husband bangga makan air tgn wife comel dia :D

Laily Zuwan said...

thanks kak edi.. sgt sedap & sgt comel..

deja said...

k.edi~..huhuhu..nadiya kata krim die cair otw ke kedah tu..maybe brg byk sgt, jdk heated up around the boxes..die da boh plg atas da in air conditioned car..unfortunatelah..
xsempt nk amek pics..i da curik from ur blog=p
btw, die mmg suke dpt cuppies tu, cume x berkesmptn in good condition bile ke kedah aritu
n btw rs die sgtlah sedap^-^

are_u said...

salam.. bole tanya tak?.. nozel bunga warna kuning tu no berape ye?.. tq...:)

SunnyLovesRain said...

Hahaha...thanks for having me Edi & finally we met!!! i definitely had great fun, my hubby & son were well impressed! even though i myself tahulah the roses & rossetes tu cacat sikit kan...hehehe...

but over all it was a good decision to actually attend the class & thank u for all the tips that u shared with us..something that u would either have to find out urself thru trial n error or carilah dlm buku ke online ke for those lil here & there tips.
appreciate it very much Edi!

now all i need to do is practice, sebenarnye macam henna je tapi with nozzles!

& kudos to Ustad too, tell him do consider "ustad's cupcake" or 'cupcake by Ustad" for commercial reasons...hehehe... & salam to all my fellow classmates & kak Fazilah yg i tak sempat jumpa masa dia balik tu ok.

teha said...

thanks kak edi..
sgt sronok dpt blaja wat cc ;)
smpai t'tgal2 resepi huahuahuaa
xsabar nk try wat sndiri...

Edi said...

laily, u're most welcome!bagusnya kwn2 awak tu sanggup dtg ambikkan... and congrates!!

deja, alah ye ke... hmm.. kalau buh kat atas brg2 tu maybe kuat gegarnye.. akak kena tulis 'guidelines on how to take care of your cupcakes' la! sorry about that..

are _u, itu pakai petal nozzle, no 104, no 103 pun boleh.. tryla

aida, haaaaa... tu lah at last jumpa juga yek! u definately have the talent to draw, u pun dah ade byk designs for your face paintings so boleh apply je on those cupcakes! design u mesti exotic punya lah! thks for coming, bila2 dtg lagi kalau u lalu area rumah i k!

teha, thks for coming! your work is really good, tau! pasni rajin2 buat, be4 baby keluar.. pastu kena buat lepas pantang pulak! take care and bebile singgah umah akak k.. :)