Friday, February 25, 2011

Good Friday

What's with all the labeling days? hahaha..  mcm2la aku nie..

Hari ni nak cerita psl Faaeq.. Faaeq is my second son who has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) with Hyperactivity.. or something like that :-) Well, that's what the docs said, or wrote down, in his file. Whatever it is, we're dealing with him just fine. Some odd days when the wind smells like minyak cap kapak and the sky doesn't have any cute shaped clouds, we're struggling to understand him and got frustrated with his demands.. but hey, who doesn't struggle bringing up a toddler kan? itu belum teenager lagi.. we all have our problems, our ups and downs. We have to deal with it and make the best out of it and the whole situation :)

Yesterday he found a new toy. My alphabet cutters. Bought the set quite some time ago, used it once, then tucked it away in a container.. See what he did with them :D

Typical autistic characters.. Repetitively stacking or lining up objects. This is a behavior occasionally associated with individuals with autism.

This is great. When I called him 'Faaeq... ".. he looked up!!
Eye contact, check!

.. and after playing, he packed all the cutters back in their container.
Behavior application for 'simpan': check!

eye contact lagi :))) minum susu after penat menyusun alphabets

And here're some photos of him here and there :)

flash cards session with ibu!

at our hotel room bath tub.. warm water bubble bath. they had such a great time main air! 

otw back from Jelita Ostrich farm, a school trip. with cikgu azie.. look at the boy beside him, ternganga tido atas kerusi.. faaeq got special treatment tu.. hahaahhaha

dozed off on ayah's bike after came back from taska. dah mengantuk sangat satu hari tak tidur.. kitorg bubuh bantal atas lantai (takut dia tergolek jatuh) and let him slept for about half and hour on the bike before moved him inside. 

He is 3 years 3 months now and responding well to his theraphy sessions. Not so much improvement on his speech (yet) but we hope he'll improve more when he's older. The neurons in his brain is struggling to connect and so are we!

Please pray for us ok!

Love, edi :) 


Laily Zuwan said...

semoga segalanya lancar kak edi..

btw skrg mngkn xde ape2 improvement.. tp masanya akan tiba..just bersabar ye kak..

Kak Lia said...

suka kan nampak perubahan dia....Afiq pun alhamdulillah... sudah ada kemajuan....sudah boleh mengeja dan menyebut semula perkataan yg dieja dah sambung jadi ayat....pelan2....baru tahun 1....hurmmm....

Allah nk uji..supaya kita jadi lebih sabar

Edi said...

hanny, i'allah... itulah, cannot expect too much for the time being sebab dia kecik lg.. therapist tu pun ckp, once the 'wall' has been broken, cepat la dia catch up. so kita tungguuuu.... :)

kak lia, terrorla afiq, utk std 1, cukup bagus dah tu!
ps: dah dpt kan 'cat' tu?

Syahida said...

"The neurons in his brain is struggling to connect.." yup, so true..and if only we could c what's happening in their brain, kan edi?
lovely story on faeq,certainly help ur readers to know more of autism. *thumbs up! :)

Edi said...

tq syida :D
nanti kita reka teropong ajaib boleh masuk dlm brain and tgk ape they all fikir .. hihi

Norlaili Lott said...

semoga dipermudahkan Allah. :)

Edi said...

tq laili! tak tau awak ade blog! i'll link mine to urs :)

Azfa said...

Edi..I have to agree..bringing up any todler and teenager memang ada its own challenges. Tell me about it girl!

Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan.
Hugs to Faeq..habag kat dia, auntie Azfa say Hi..the next time I ikut hubby turun Shah Alam, kita meet up k..

fidanie said...

Sis, i've stdnts with ASD in my form 1, but they all smart even bit slow dlm class. Ur son insya'allah akn ada perubahan. Budak2 ASD ni kita kena byk sabar dgn mrk...

Edi said...

tq kak azfa.. it's nothing actually.. just sharing my experience with faaeq.. i tau org lain lg mcm2 dugaan yg lebih hebat.. i ni cuma sekecik semut je :)) ya.. kalau turun ke shah alam call lah ok.. no i 0193144634.. boleh minum2.. :)

fidanie, thks for coming by.. cikgu mcm u mmg sgt2 diperlukan oleh ibubapa mcm akak ni.. yg sabar and pandai layan kerenah budak2 yg tak mcm budak2 lain.. all the best to you and pls drop by again k! nice knowing you!~

Miss Cool said...

he must have his own specialty that we ( or make it specific, ME) dont have.

Fasya said...

dah lama xjumpa imran ngan faaeq..besar panjang da depa berdua..insyaAllah mereka jadi anak2 yg hebat sbb ada ibu superwomen mcm kak edina..kagum ;)sini ada info utk dikongsi bersama..cheers~

Anonymous said...

WIth a mother like you, I know he will be extra fine. :o)


Edi said...

shahlin, we all are special, somehow, someway :) thks for dropping by!

fasya, dua2 dah besar.. masa awak dtg aritu masih baby lagi kan? hmm.. kite pun lama x jumpa.. :(

kak wiz, u're always so sweet!