Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colorful Thursday

Thursday is not my favorite day of the month.. That's just it. Today thursday is not being kind to me.. got a terrible headache this morning after waking up and the headache decides to stay with me up till now. I've been restraining myself not to take any paracetamol but looks like I have to.. in a minute or so.. or maybe I'll wait till the Tea Party we're going to have at the office and see if all the sugar will make this ache goes away.. huhu

Thanks a lot Fieza!

There're 2 seats left for my cupcake class on Saturday 5th March. Drop me an email if u're interested to join.

Till then, I'll catch up with u girls later! Ta!



Syahida said...

edi, how's the headache?

Edi said...

syida, dah hilang semalam lepas tibai blueberry cheesecake yang maha manis! hahahaha.. selamat tak payah telan panadol! :D

how are you? jadik ke nak deactivate fb? jangan la.. huhu

Syahida said...

tak jadi beb..susah nak 'connect' with family and friends..hehe