Friday, January 28, 2011


I was inspired after browsing CUPPACAKES (M) SDN BHD's page. Couldnt resist to tiru some of their designs... :P

 Ini faaeq punya kerja! Selamba je datang and 'cuit' kasut tu! adoiii...

Order from my neighbor Kak Lin for her sister Atty.. Thks you both, and congratulations Atty on your new addition to the family! An adorable baby girl named Marissa!



nurul said...

i'm in LOVE la ngan design CUPPACAKES (M) SDN BHD's tu kak edi..
hehehee~~ nnt nurul nk order nk suh akk buat cmtu.. :P

Edi said...

cun2 kan design dia? simple tp creative giler... i'm in love too.. sebab tu dah tertiru tu.. hahahahaha