Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daddy I Love You!

Dad's birthday is coming up and I'm still thinking what to get him. For a simple man with no expectations to get fancy stuff from his kids, I want to spoil him on his birthday. Maybe bring him to shop till he drops (or my purse drops!), or bring him out for a extravaganza vegan dinner, or fly him to his dream land anywhere on this world. I want to do that. For a wonderful beyond words Papa like him, I will give him anything he wants. Last year we adik beradik got him a new bike for him to use. It is faster, more comfy, faster (did I mentioned it twice?) compared to the old bikeS he has.. (plate no TC tu!). But he's been using the same old bike and wrap the new bike nicely, park it nicely under the porch. So it wont get rusty fast (coz the house is very near to the sea).

Ahh.. what should I get him? If you're reading this Pa, pls tell me what you want! (and Pa, please use the new bike we got you!) 

Thanks Lissa! The hand drawn sketch of these cuppies from you are adorable! It made me smile :) ~siap selotape bagi kat saya macam surat cinta gituu... :D


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