Thursday, November 11, 2010

Edina: Kindly need your attention

*email sent to me on 4th Oct 2010*

Asssalamualaikum..Hello Edina, I'm Hafiz from Shah Alam and currently study at UiTM Shah Alam. I knew I'm a strange person to you that you still not recognize because I'm new to your Cupcakes. Actually, from last last year already I've noticed about your nice effort making of Cupcakes. It was recommend by my formal schoolhood friend named Niesah. Did you still remember her? Frequently she told me that, "Cupcake akak Edina ni xmanis sgt, sedap sgt, sukelah!"

My first expression towards your Cupcakes was unbelievable, it was looked very2 attractive! Even I'm not have enough information about Cupcakes before, but all of your lovely Cupcakes make me feel infatuated and sometimes I feel like want to grabs all of the Cupcakes through my lappy screen. It drives me crazy!

I've already read your explaination about not taking anymore order untill October. I want order from you a bunch of Cupcakes for my lovely girlfriend 23rd birthday present. As proof of my acknowledgement towards her bithday, I want give her something that will make she never forget. Besides, its my 1st time want to give her a gift type of Cupcakes, no doubt I believe in you. There's nothing than your Cupcakes that will be my top priority than other birthday stuff! But unfortunately her birthday is on 31st of October that seems still not reach November and onwards (a days that you will start to take an order).
Since last year, since I'm firstly viewed your Cupcakes, I'm always dreaming to make these kind of surprise stuff to her. Present, hopefully my dream will come true soon. I hope at her historic day I can give her a present (your cupcakes). Henceforce, also hope it will set a new history for both of us. Insya Allah..

Sorry Edina for my 'too demanded' statement above. Just want to share my fairy tale story. If you can fulfill my dream, there are no words to decribed. Feels like I'm the most happy person I this world, I'll never forget all of your efforts. And if you can't make it, It's ok, sometimes people lucky and sometimes the otherwise right. I'm still accepted if you want make the Cupcakes after the 31st Oct. 2010. Below, I listed all the details for you:

Name : Abdul Hafiz Bin Hamzah
Contact Number : 014-5062091
Set : 16pcs
Flavor : Vanilla Oreo
Theme/Design: I already design myself - as attached
Pick up date : 30th Oct. 2010 or onwards
Time : Anytime, depends to you
Place : Unisel Shah Alam
Cup : Solo cup

If there's any problem please do not hesistate let me know. If my ordered Cupcakes post into your site someday, can you thank to Niesah or 'credit' to him or any something else words you can describe that already had promote your Cupcakes. Thank you very much Edina.

* his sketch.

How can I say no?

This is one of the reasons why I love doing cupcakes!

Thanks Hafiz. I hope your girl knows how lucky she is!!!

♥ kak edi. trg kiterrr :)


liza said...

i'm touched :)

Unknown said...

Alahai.. Terharunya.. His gf is a very lucky girl..

Anonymous said...

akak!! thanx sgt2..u make my dream come true :p may god bless u -hafiz-

SunnyLovesRain said...

wow edi~u managed to make it per his sketch!! seriously, u have a pair of wonder hands, awesome job CupCake! ;D

Rima said...

Gd job Edi.. hmm the other day u kata just crush the oreo kan.. habis how abt the orange juice yg i guna kan for my sicilian orange cake.. nak ganti with what pulak.. susu ke or skip it totally? tks!

Edi said...

he is, after all, a sweet and polite guy in person. orang terengganu mmg baik2.. ehehehehehe...

hafiz, u're most welcome. nice knowing u. kdg2 dpt customer mcm u ni buat akak sejukkkk hati.. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

haa..kite as org2 terengganu kene kekalkan sifat ketimuran,owk owk,kak owk hehehe

my pleasure..em,bgusla cm2 kak,effort akak wat cupcakes ni actually made u enjoy ur life..even tgk design cupcake lepas akak wat pn rasa sejuk+puas hati kn ;) -hafiz-

LisSa said...

huhu ye saya setuju "he is, after all, a sweet and polite guy in person. orang terengganu mmg baik2.. ehehehehehe." guy trg mmg baik2! hihi...

Edi said...

lissa, hehe... *wink *wink