Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yie & Yang

I was all excited to do the cupcakes for my cousin. Just bought a set of butterfly embossers, so i thought of giving fondant a try. ha ha... OBVIOUSLY, my hands are not meant to mess with fondant! or maybe because i used the ready made ones, so it's not tough enough to handle.. i think the ready made fondant (i used pettice) was fine, until i decided to make choc ganache as the base (konon nak lagi sedapla..). the ganache was soft when i put the fondant pieces on it. it was all pretty and happy at first..

until.... the next morning..

apparently the fondant melted! my lovely ribbons (that was my first attempt making a ribbon, ingatkan dah terror dah! haha.. rupernye fail!) also melted. no i didnt put them in fridge, but the room where i kept the cupcakes was definately not warm.

so being a buttercream genious as KG labelled me (seriously i dont deserve it KG, but i'll take it anyway! hihi.. tq!) i was quick to cover up!

so the pink rossettes saves the day! lucky i had some ready made roses so i just cucuk sana sini and did the simple rossettes...

so the conclusion is; i am just so comfortable with buttercream.. i am not ready to explore fondant yet.  not now. maybe next year. maybe, if i have enough guts :-P 

have a great day friends!


KG said...

edi!!!!!i think i know why, been there done tt! and you are still a buttercream genius and i HAVE also done the same cover up...cepat je otak berjalan...i will call you, panjang and tak leh put here our secret *wink*

Patsy And Amy said...

I faced the same nightmare before,haha...and perhaps I could share with you my findout: fondant is a friend of bc but not choc ganache nor fresh cream. Fondant with high sugar content tends to melt in water and milk based substance. The moisture of the substance, in this context, choc gananche would be absorbed overnight. Fondant stays good only with oil based substance like bc. So, don't be scared away by fondant, just explore it and you'd fall for it :)

Oh ya, I love your bc work! It's awesome!

mangosteenskin said...

alamak! but don't worry kak edi i know u mesti boleh buat.

my teacher said, we need just 3 attempts to be good at something.

kali pertama; gagal.
kali kedua; tahu.
kali ketiga; pandai!!

Dearly Anggi's said...

sygnya fondant tu jdi melted kak mmg dh cantik! =)

Edi said...

KG, u make me laugh! mmg otak cepat berjln kalau buat silap.. tp gabranya tuhan sj yg tau!

amy, thks for dropping by. and thks for sharing the info too.. yes i can see the logic, fondant+ganache or fresh cream wont work! i will def remember this incident for life! haha
btw i love your fondant work. so so immaculately detailed. all the best to you!

mango, haha.. u're always so wise and creative! mesti cikgu u bangga tau!

abidah, nak buat camne.. try and error..itulah jadinyer.. kalau tak cuba tak tau kan? :) geram tengok org lain buat cantik2 teringin nak buat juga.. i guess i'm not ready yet :P

Anonymous said...

Meh sini meh, I ajar. Boleh la letak atas ganche but the fondant mesti made in malaysia. Whenever you are ready Edi.

bukan nama sebenar.

Edi said...

kak wiz, mmg nak sgt berguru dengan u the master sifu of fondant! nanti i bwk chocolates k! muahssss.... thks!

Kak Lia said...

ooo....akak pun baru tahu..hehehe...pengalaman ek....akak pun ingin nk nak try buat fondant lum sampai hajat....

Edi said...

kak lia, mmg sy banyak nak kena belajar lg.. huhu... sempat ke? that's the BIG question.. rase semua bawah hidung..