Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri

It's been a long hari raya break for me this time.. so it means no internet whatsoever (for me at least) since.. umm.. 2+ weeks ago! that explains the silence, hehe..

My hari raya was spent at my MIL's place at Rembau.. due to some last minutes decisions by my hubby's lecturers at UNITEN (saje je nak highlight tu), we didnt go back to terengganu this year *sob. My parents and sister came over to my place at bdr saujana putra to spend the days with us and last night, my lovely sister went back to York :( i miss her almost instantly. i know Faaeq is missing her too... he is somehow attached to Azian (my sis) when she's around. i pun dia buat donno tau! there's some weird connection there. he's not interested to sit on MY lap nor his Tokma's lap. just on Cik Ngoh's lap. haha.. pening la Cik Ngoh layan..

On  8th sept we brought Faaeq for his first Occupational Theraphy at HUKM. Met Puan Faezah the therapist, and she said she'll be handling Faaeq's case from now on. The room was great for Faaeq. for the first time i felt relieved getting into a room with faaeq. really! selalunya kalau masuk bilik doctor or mana2 jelah, mmg sgt tension nak jaga faaeq.. he'll climb and grasp everything in sight. and if we try to stop him then he'll start his tantrums and then, that's it. the session lasted about and hour. i was being sort of being interviewed by a UiTM trainee on faaeq's behavior under Puan Faezah's supervision.. then Puan Faezah gave us some valuable advise on how to do activities with faaeq at home. basically it's just breaking the tasks and make the tasks simpler so he'll learn faster. the room was equiped with toys and gadgets mainly to develop motor skils and sensory skills for autistic child. we were impressed, actually... those were specially made gadjets and most cost tonnes but we did have some ideas on what faaeq should be playing for his development to speed up. so, next appoinment will be on 13th oct and then it'll be full 1 hour session playtime for faaeq with his therapist. after the OT, then he'll proceed with  Speech Theraphy also at the same place.

I have to go. I'll write again soon! sorry no pics this time as I am in a hurry! ni pun curi2 tulis je ni! hihi



mangosteenskin said...

selamat hari raya. maaf zahir dan batin ya.

I love the cupcake you made for rina in the previous post. The color combination, the photo...look romantic and serene. :) Lagipuuuun...macam manggis! hehe.

who is faaeq kak edi?

Edi said...

hehe.. yelah tu mango.. purple=mangosteenskin.. thks!

faaeq is my second son.. he's going to be 3 in nov. he was recently diagnosed having ASD-autistic spectrum disorder. a full blow to us but we're managing fine, i'allah :)