Monday, July 12, 2010

i miss you!

Thanks zawani :-)

yes i miss updating my blog.. i miss baking cupcks, i miss the countless emails in my inbox asking about cupcakes and orders..

but, alhamdulillah i'm taking this break.. coz if not, i might be hospitalized for stress! hahahaha... talking about de-stress, did you go to putrajaya's floria last weekends? best sgt!!!! i'll upload the photos soon, i'allah.. lots of flowers... but managed to get some shots je.. too hot ( went there in the afternoon--bad choice of time).. but i met our PM there.. sikit lagi nak salam, tp tak salam la.. hehehehe... 

ok ta! 


Maizatul said...

nice butterfly. u buat sendiri ke? so dah start venturing into fondant hehehe...but i yet to see the outcome of the mat , dah try blum?

Edi said...

mai.. hehehe... yes itu saje try2 guna cutter butterfly yg bli aritu.. kebetulan cust ni nak ade butterfly... so tryler pakai fondant..

mat aritu dah try tp kan asyik melekat je.. so malas lagi nak pakai. tunggulah. :D