Friday, April 2, 2010

Get FREE cupcakes from me!

Hye all.. like my new header? :D
i'm thinking of doing some sort of a giveaway.. just for fun.. free cupcakes for those yg boleh dtg pick up, or maybe some other cute stuff for those yg duduk jauh. unfortunately i cannot mail the cupcakes.. so i'll mail you something else instead.. we'll see how.. but i really want to give some free cupcakes for my readers out there.. so hopefully u can come for pick up kalau u menang k! :-))))

here's how to enter:

1. email me at your BEST photo (doesnt matter what photo, YOUR best shot. MUST be yours).
SUBJECT: MY BEST PHOTO. i'll post top 3 of my fav photos and then me and a few of the JUDGES (haha) will choose 1 winner.

2. pls state in your email :
    Phone No:
    (Your ) Location:
    Description of the photo:

3. this 'thingy' is closed on 12th April. Winner will be announced on or before 24th April (that's my birthday.. hehehe)

so, get diggin' my friends!



my.mastura said... nyer!!

tp, gambar apa yg nak? x der tema2 ker?

Cahaya Kekasih said...


Sally Salleh said...

EDIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! I Nak masuk boleh tak?????? so tempting ok!!!

syazwani said...


thanks for the lovely cuppies.. my relatives love it so much!

Edi said...

mastura: xde tema.. just your best shot :-)
CK: i dah dpt your entry.. interestingggg :-)
Sally: of course boleh! but no extra point for knowing me ok.. hehehehe... ;)

syazwani: u're so much welcome! i like the soft colors too~ gambar belum sempat upload lg.. tunggu yea..:D

my.mastura said...

eh..jap..mcm kurang clear lg la syarat2 tu..

1. email me at your BEST photo (doesnt matter what photo, YOUR best shot. MUST be yours).

apa maksug YOUR BEST SHOT tu..gambar tu, ada muka kita ke..atau, kita yg amik gambar tuh?

Edi said...

mastura, x kisah ade muka kiter ke tak.. janji gambar tu kita punya.. jgn org lain punya or ambik kat internet ke.. gitula.. anyway, dah dpt awak nyer entry. thks :-)