Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bananas Over You

Hello everybody.. hopefully everything's in colors of rainbows for you! semlm kemaruk nak buat kek pisang sebab ade pisang masak ranum kat rumah.. hehehehe.. sekali sekali divert from cupcakes :D
As promised on my FB, here's A-Z of how I did it! :D
first, u've got to have bananas. i used these.. dont ask me what type, i dont know!

my secret ingredient! hahahahaha....
1. put the mix in the bowl
2. mashed bananas (my son looked at the mashed bananas and went "uwekkk.. ape nie... "). Using your mixer, blend the flour and mashed bananas. it said there 250g.. i never use weighing scale, so i 'taram' 6 bijik! (my students tau lah i mmg tak pakai penimbang.. kan?)
3. put eggs, one at a time (according to the nice lady at the shop. i put 3 at a time, ok je.. )
4. mix in oil (175g is 3/4 cup, i think)
5. bake, bake and bake

this smelled so nice..
the mix is great! cake turned out soft and fluffy, not too sweet, not to dry.. just nice :-)
Kitchen Guardian suggested me to try it with peanut butter topping.. i have skippy peanut butter spread lying around my kitchen.. might as well habiskan..  

so i put the whole cake with peanut butter topping..!
semua dah habis ok... my little kid makan yg plain 3-4 ketul. selebihnya i shared with my cousins at the airport semlm.

have a great banana day!


KG said...

le, ingatkan you tried the recipe i post in my blog! where do you get the mix from ya?nak pi try lah jugak!

KG said...

sorry sorry satu lagi, peanut butter cream, peanut butter, campurq butter, beat, campurq icing sugar, milk sikit and beat....ha lagi sedap....the butter factor! i like!!

Edi said...

hehe.. i shortcut je.. ;P
the mix i got from MyChoice bakery kat seksyen 7 shah alam.. kalau kak yani familiar, area2 pakli, my mom's choc rice (linda onn punya tu).. situ byk mix dia jual.. member2 i cakap semua sedap..

Edi said...

choc rice=chicken rice.. hehehehe..

Edi said...

and thks for the tips.. i can imagine lagi sedap kalau ade butter tu.. yummmnesss