Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Many Happy Occations

TQ very much Zatul :-)
wedding cupcakes, rm90 (25 pcs with gumpaste flowers, complete with box and ribbon)

TQ very much Siti :-)
Wedding anniversary cupcakes, rm45 per set of 16pcs

Thanks a lot Nora :-) Best sgt nama baby Ayra.. sweet betul..
100pcs cupcakes, individually packed in dome containers, with doily
rm140 (100cupcakes in papercups) +  rm50(packing with doily) OR rm70 (packing with doily and ribbon)

TQ very much Fara :-)
MU cupcakes with edible image of MU logo, rm65 (cupcakes, set of 25pcs) + rm20 (edible image)

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