Sunday, September 6, 2009

Agar agar kering (with recipe)

As promised, here are the photos after the dried jellies. They're ready to be packed, or eaten right away:)

And, my dear friends, (ramai yg mintak recipe ni), so here's the simplest recipe i use to make these jellies:
recipe ni makcik i kat kampung yg bagi, tq incik!
1 packet sugar (1kg)
1 packet of agar2
about 'segenggam' gula batu/rock sugar (if u use the tiny processed ones, about 8 pieces)
3 cups water ( do not use more, tak jadik! i've tried)
soak the agar2 for a while
boil agar2 with 3 cups water until dissolved
pour sugar and rock sugar
cook until all dissolved
pour into trays (divide into 3 or 4 trays for different colors) or moulds
put a few drops of coloring of your choice, mix
let it sit until the jelly hardened
jemur in the hot sun for about 2 days, sampai gula dah naik and keras kat atas
then cut to pieces (use the fancy crooked cutter if u have)
jemur lagi sampai betul2 kering..
Note: lapik dengan plastik, sebab jelly ni melekat2..
DO NOT use baking paper.. or else.. this is what happened:(
u can use any mould u have.. the tinier the better, lagi cepat kering..
don't forget to let me know the outcome!
have fun!!



KG said...

cool, tapi tak dan dah nak try for this raya...and the teddy molds are such a brilliant idea!!btw i am zureq's, yr schoolmate @ STF's SIL!!we all nak pi learn buttercream icing wt you lepas raya boleh!?

Edi said...

hi guardian!!
i've been wanting to view your blog tp tak boleh la.. by invitation only :( invite me pls.. hehehehe....
yup! baru tau u SIL zooreq.... your teddy cupcakes were so adorable!
nak blajar buttercream? boleh sgt... we can arrage a date after raya kay!

KG said...

go to, the other blog tu is not up yet, tqs.

WendyinKK said...

May I know u used non stick baking paper or regular kertas minyak??

Edi said...

this is just some regular paper i found in my husband's drawer.. it's not kertas minyak, but it's quite thick and kinda feel like plastic a bit. u can use regular plastic bag. don't use baking paper or kertas minyak.. i think the jelly will stick on them.

Unknown said...

for better result,lapik ngn kain,nipis cm tudung bawal myb...I pengusaha agar2 kering ni...bit hard to do...guna kain sng nk agkt bla kering...cantik lak tu....

Edi said...

tq zakiah... all the best in your biz... mmg leceh kan nak buat agar2ni.. sbb tu i tak kisah beli mahal pun.. hehe