Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!

Nor, had actually called me in the morning saying she'd like to have some cupcakes for his son's and his hubby's birthday. She said she'd call me later in the evening to discuss about the design. I wasn't expecting anything fancy, but when we met, truly, i underestimated her....

she had a bag full of the kiddo's storybooks with her

complete with sidenotes
from which she'd like the pictures to be drawn on the cupcakes

..and, the best thing is, she had all of them all listed out, handdrawn, of how her cupcakes would look like.. phew.. it was a challege for me.. i had to confess, i'm sooo 'keras tangan' when it comes to drawing. i will surrender. but she was so nice to let me know that it's ok if i cannot draw all the cute little pictures, and that i can choose what i am capable of..

so, here are they, 2 sets of birthday cupcakes, one of little Ali ( i love his name), and another for Mr Azzhar the engineer.

as for Nor, thanks a zillion for your order. businesswoman tu.. jgn main2..
all the best and maybe we will bump into each other over the weekends when the semester starts, huh:)

good night,
big bird.

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