Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Boy's Toy

We had a session of food photography. Needless to say, my cupcakes got all the attention.
I so want to be THE cupcake, but, i guess i have to grow yellow hair on my face and implant a big orange nose first. bleeeyyyyhhhhhh..

enjoy the photos! these are some of my favs shots taken by mr myshutters.
none of the photos were edited.

would you like your cake/cupcakes to be photographed beautifully? i might be able to seduce mr myshutters to give free photoshoot to a lucky friend. stay tuned ;-)

as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

1 comment:

mangosteenskin said...

great photos by mr.shutter! my fav is the first pic and the biggest one in the middle. well done to him.

haha. i thought the first cupcake was a lobster peeping out of yellow corals. Furthermore the center pic got the underwater feeling. Why not make this idea came true? starfish...shells...sotong...hehe.