Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three cupcakes!

Shoot! I miss blogging! and I really mean it.. but time is not on my side. I am still adjusting to my new routine, schedule, call it what we want but surely i am not getting the rhythm yet! hiyarghhhh...

So.. a quick here and there.. Imran is gonna be a 'man' real soon.. this Saturday to be exact.. nak berkhatan beramai2 kat sekolah dia.. he's been schooling in Terengganu since July coz I delivered Emily in Trg GH.. since it's already close to the end of the year we decided to just let him finish Standard 2 at the school. It is my school too... my alma mater.. I spent my first 6 years of primary school there too.. I'm glad he enjoyed his schooling days there.. it's quite different from his previous school... he was from a private school, enclosed building and all.. and suddenly off to a new school with hugeeeee padang, school canteen and all.. (his previous school provided the makan, hence no canteen).. apart from a tragedy that happened to him while I was warded waiting for my c-sect (will story that in next entry i'allah), he's a happy kid there, and made loadsss of friends. In a way, he's got friends whenever I balik kampung after this.. so that's awesome kan?!

This boy Faaeq... boy has he grown.. he keeps surprising us with his wits.. He turned 5 on 4th November hari tu.. wrote his ABC's all by himself and surprised his teachers real good with that. haha.. but he still has no speech yet.. we're still (im)patiently waiting the time when he will utter his first word and talk non-stop. Cepatla masa itu... ibu dah lama sgt tunggu rasanya... And he's been really great with his baby sister.. love love love!

That's Emily! She is 3.5 months already... we are really on fast forward mode I tell ya! Alhamdulillah after desperately looking for a babysitter to take care of her (taska was our last option), my neighbor belakang dapur rupernyer telah tertulis untuk jaga dia... first time dia tegur.. first time berborak dgn dia..  then i asked her if she wants to take care of her.. or knows anyone who wants to babysit her while i'm working.. saying her youngest is quite a handful, she was reluctant at first, but after a while she came knocking at my kitchen window saying she's willing! Alhamdulillah.. she is the best babysitter for her InsyaAllah! 

So... that's a summary of the three cupcakes in my life... i will try to write more often.. but sorry no cakes and cupcakes photos for the time being.. am not taking orders just yet.. not going to offer any classes yet.. once the time comes, u'll know ;)

love, edi

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Siti Nadira said...

Hie Edi...selama ni SR je...Congrats 4 ur new bundle of joy yer...she's cute!