Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten little things..

1. I weigh about 72kg now. My original weight was 58kg.. i think by next week i'll gain another 1 or 2 kilos more..

2. My tummy is so heavy and huge! I feel this is the heaviest pregnant tummy i've ever had.. Imran and Faaeq didnt felt this heavy.. during last week's appointment, doctor told me baby weighs about 2.5 kg.. that's not too heavy!?? mana dtg lagi berpuluh-puluh kilo ni... *huaaaa

3. I could fast! I've been fasting for the past 5 days and also today.. alhamdulillah.. i didnt feel so hungry by the end of the day, probably because my tummy is already 'full'.. haha... but i cant eat so much during breakfasting or else i can't move after that :D

4. I think i've successfully control my sugar level.. if you have GDM (kencing manis masa pregnancy), good thing u buy the tester kit.. dont be afraid to prick your finger! check every now and then, especially in the mornings.. then u'll have a general idea of your GDM, whether it's under control, or it's time to take control.

5. Not counting today, I have another 5 days to go! yay!

6. It's so good to be home and just relax, forget everything about work, the hectic lifestyle, the busy traffic and all. I took 2 weeks annual leave in advance, i can do that coz i know i'm scheduled for a c-sect.. kalau bersalin normal xleh la ade privilage  camni kan :)

7. Faaeq is loving all the attention he gets.. from Tokma, Grandpa and me.. i feed him every meal, and i think he's gained weight now. Tapi sayang jugak tinggal his Nasom school.. well, grandpa is teaching him now at home.

8. In case u're wondering, i am in Terengganu now, at my parent's place :)

9. This Sunday i'll be in my 38th week pregnancy.. how time flies huh!

10. I had my ultrasound last week at Hosp Sultanah Nur Zahirah (Terengganu General Hosp) and my baby crossed her (his) legs! So the doc couldnt say for sure whether it's a girl or boy! :D

Well, that's about it.. i think i had everything that i wanted to eat.. rest all i could before the delivery (while screaming at Faaeq now and then) .. i had nightmares almost every night (that's how scared i am to go under the knife!) but at this point, there's so much we could do kan... i just pray everything will be fine, healthy baby and healthy me.. hope the doc wont forget a knife inside me... that sort of thing.. Thanks for all yr thoughts and doa.. i really need all that!

Here's wishing you to have a great day fasting, a wonderful time berbuka with family and friends and a healthy Ramadhan. Take care ya!

Love, Edi


KG said...

think the baby is going to be abt 3.5kg, wait and see. tt's what happens to muhd, dr ashar kata dlm 3 kg, sbb i put on the least compared to all the pregnancies, but muhd came out 3.9kgwhoaaa, sib baik i ambik epidural!

IntanRizal said...

my 2nd pregnancy , my tummy was huge!!! and the baby comes out at 3.4kg and with big head... luckily i'm on c-sect too.. if not jenuh nak meneran... :)
btw, All the best, InsyaAllah everything will be fine...

fasya said...

sama macam masa saya pregnant harith.. berat dari 52kg jadi 75kg.mmg besar n bolat.nk cari baju pun susah,huh.slmt berehat dan semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan.

SunnyLovesRain said...

Salam Edi,
hahaha...comelnye... dalam perut lagi dah pandai malu xD
Hope everything goes well with u and the baby. take good care of urself.

mangosteenskin said...

congratulations kak edi! baru tau ni..semoga segalanya dipermudahkan.. amin :)

tumpang gembira :)

mimie hamdan said...

inshaAllah.. segalanya akan dipermudahkan... jgn fikir bebanyak... rehat secukupnya... dan good luck! muahhss...

Syahida said...

my prayers for u too edi...hv a safe delivery, Amin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Edi,

All the best to you on 1 August. Wish you a safe delivery and to get a healthy baby. I am sure everything will go on smoothly.


Anonymous said...

Dear all,
thank you so much! hari ni nak menyerah diri ke hospital after zohor... :)


Unknown said...

salaam edina,

v sorry for e long silence. think u must b asleep by now. esok is an important day. May Allah Grant you ease, calmness and patience during e c-sect op.

fyi, we've booked an appointment w dr. selina ding on dec 3rd. Alhamdulillah, Umar Idris has shown some improvement after 4 sessions of speech therapy. nak cerita mmg tak habis....maybe when ure back in kl, i'll pay you a visit insyaAllah.

take care,