Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello from nowhere!

Hi all!!
Before you compliment i look 'slim' or whatever, let me just say this first, it's the editing and the angle ok! hahaha.. i'm in my 32 weeks now.. getting heavier and heavier.. i think i'm close to 72 kilos now. The last time i weighed myself (and baby), the scale laughed at me and told me i was 71.1kg.. here's the proof!

Alhamdulillah... now i have to sort of what to get for me and baby, go to appointments and get my date for ceaserian birth at the hospital i'm hoping to deliver. Please pray for me ok.. i hope i can be back at Terengganu for the delivery :)

Till then, have a great week ahead friends!

♥ edi


mukyea said...

which part of terengganu are u from?
good luck with the delivery..

Edi said...

kat chendering, KT.. awak org ganu jugak ke?

td awak ty psl doily tu i dah reply k :).. ade dpt tak?

tq :))

Anonymous said...

Hello Edi, you look so different now :) Hope all your wish for the delivery will come true, ie, to give birth in terengganu.

Hope all is well with abang imran and faeq as well.

all the best Edi.


Edi said...

Thanks a lot!
I do look different.. all heavy and bloated! i dare not post my photo from front angle.. hahahaha... pengsan!

Imran n faaeq are doing well.. today is the first day of school after 2 weeks holidays.. everything went well.. (no mengamuk to school and all.. phewww)..

hope all is well for u at that end too! :)

fidanie said...

Salam,seronok baca N3 u ttg ur preggy..terkenang masa preggy dulu huhu... I wish u gd luck Edi :)Moga mommy n bb selamat n sihat, insya'allah :)

Anonymous said...

Edi, mai doakan semuanya ok, kita plak yg excited hehehehe....takpe pasni slim balik...take care..

iamja77 said...

dah 32 weeks dah edi. Kalau ikut aku, lagi 3 weeks dah nak bersalin tu. Good luck edi.. semoga Allah permudahkan segala2nya.

Tapi angle ko ambik nie mmg nampak comey.