Monday, April 30, 2012

Tq Hasbul for your repeat order and kind words...

This is what he wrote on my fb wall.. 
"kak..tq for the cup sume ckp sedap xterhingga + xcukup plak...berebut2 budak2 mkn..."

Couldnt write much.. Happy Labor day to us all.. hehe... let's sit back and relax tomorrow despite the HOT and humid weather! Panaas kan skrg? hua.. 


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Anonymous said...

Lovely cupcake Edi. I really admire your determination to make cuppies, though you are pregnant now, that too without a helper at home to help you do your housework.

I hope to stop complaining about my lack of time and too much things to be done and get my butt moving to get some cupcakes done for my SIL's babyshower this weekend.

Enjoy your labour day holiday.