Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This and That

I have so many things to tell!

Faaeq's got a place at NASOM Setia Alam starting this April. This is such a great news, i cant sleep that night after i got the news.. i am excited but also nervous coz this means a totally new routine for me, imran and faaeq.. and also, since the session is only from 7.30-12noon, i have to find a place for him to stay after that until i finish work. Still searching for that.. pheww...

I am 20 weeks and counting.. i can feel baby kicking and playing cikucak in my tummy.. not so harsh movement yet, but i will always check every now and then whether baby is 'alive'.. i know... but i guess every mommy-to-be does that, right!? And my sugar level is under control.. so far... that is another different story.. banyaknyer trips to hospital! letih!

... and there are a few not so great stories about cupcakes and all.. i will reserve that to myself... sometimes i tend to go out of my way to help some people and turned out it is not worth it at all... sigh.. i learn by mistakes.. i have to be more strong to stand on my words i guess... anyway, luka ku terubat sudah... i let go and forgive.. that's all!

 Meanwhile.. i want to thank Siti (Ibuaries) for telling me to watch my diet! betul.. lps baca komen Siti saya terus berkobar kena jaga betul2 diet :)


Anonymous said...

It's okay Edi. That kind of things do happen to me too - going all out to help people and later realise it is totally not worth my time, money and kindness. But I always thank god better now than later I come across this type of people.

It's tuesday ah, enjoy your working days..weekend is just around the corner.


Edi said...

things like this make us more tough in handling people i guess... but i always cair bila org mintak tolong... nothing serious actually, just cake-related. sometimes people think we just do cakes all day and money is evrything.. sucks, but we learnt something kan?

u have a great week ahead too! and it's only tuesday.. lambat lg weekends! :)

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah...I'm happy for you.-mai