Thursday, March 1, 2012

Me?? No!!!!!

My result for Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) for gestational diabetes came in yesterday... and i was in shock! The reading after i gulp the whole sugar water was 9.0, which means i fail miserably! Tskk tskkkk.... Can't really sleep last night thinking about this.. and the whole day yesterday, i felt down.. been reading and reading about gestational diabetes, trying to educate myself.. hmmm...

Here's what i found, explained in simple straight forward words..

"When you're pregnant, hormonal changes can make your cells less responsive to insulin. For most moms-to-be, this isn't a problem: When the body needs additional insulin, the pancreas dutifully secretes more of it. But if your pancreas can't keep up with the increased insulin demand during pregnancy, your blood glucose levels rise too high, resulting in gestational diabetes.
Most women with gestational diabetes don't remain diabetic after the baby is born. Once you've had gestational diabetes, though, you're at higher risk for getting it again during a future pregnancy and for developing diabetes later in life."

Boy oh boy...

And let's look at who has the highest risk for getting it?

How can I tell whether I'm at high risk for gestational diabetes?
You're considered at high risk for this condition (and should be screened early) if:

1. You're obese (your body mass index is over 30). My BMI was 22.4!
2.You've had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy. I didnt know this, never tested for GD during previous pregnancies..
3. You have sugar in your urine. Nope!
4. You have a strong family history of diabetes. I dont think so..
5. You've previously given birth to a big baby. (>4 kilos) Nope!
6. You've had an unexplained stillbirth. Nope!
7. You've had a baby with a birth defect. Nope!
8. You have high blood pressure. Ahhh... Yes!
9. You're over 35. Not yet! In April! Huaaaaa

So for now till delivery, i really have to watch my diet.. eating less calories, starchy food, sugar, carbs.. I am scheduled to see a dietition next week, when i'll ask him/her every question i have in my head right now! I'm even afraid to eat my nasi lemak this morning thinking, will this convert to sugar and harm my baby? Adoi....

Haha... sempat lagi.. anyway, this is the marble cake i mentioned in my earlier post... sold at 7E... look for it, it's only rm1.50 per slice, but IT'S GOOOOOD!

Chiow, i'm hibernating.



ibuaries said...

edi take gud care of urself k. i 2 kali pregnant 2 kali kn diabetes. but the 1st one mmg teruk la. sampai kena tahan wad & masuk air & ambik insulin bagai. habis dari tangan ke satu badan naik tembam sebab dok masuk air x sudah2 huhuhu. tobat dah. x sanggup dah nak inject insulin sendiri pakai pen tu. tu sebab 2nd pregnancy memang berjaga2.

Edi said...

ye ke siti.. huaa.. xnak la sampai camtu kan.. kena suntik insulin bagai... adoih... thks2.. membuatkan sy lebih takut n kena lebih byk control makan.. konfiden jek ingatkan takde nyer kencing manis ni masa pregnant.. sekali.. hah!

Rima said...

Take care Edi.. control makan but kan itew marble cake nampak sedap.. harus kah ku mencari nye bila gi KL nanti? ahaks

Edi said...

tq rima..
i takleh byk sgt browse food blogs esp yours and kak yani.. hahaha.. BAHAYA! balik terinagt2 pastu mula lah plan nak buat la, nak beli la.. haha..

marble cake tu..try la carik kalau ade.. yg i tau kat 7E shah alam ni ade.. i suka sebab moist, light and tak muak.. wangi pulak tu bau butter.. i like!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

org diet bila tak preggy and sebab nak kurus. akak terbalik kot. kot tetiba craving nak makan macam2 mcmana? hehehe take care kak!

Edi said...

tu lah reen, terbalik plak.. masa x pregnant takde nak pk diet ke ape.. time camni plak kena control makan :( hua... so skrg ni donuts ke, kek ke, say bye bye dulu... wait till next week after blood test, kalau ok, baru boleh bersuka ria :) takpelah, ade hikmahnya kot. kalau tak akak makan tak hengat bile pregnant! hahahaha

Syahida Yep said...

edi, i've tried the marble cake b4. mmg SEDAP...hey, u take care aa..

Edi said...

u pun pernah beli!? kan? sedap kan.. tu lah, tgk ruper mmg biase jek tp sedap.. hehe.. tq dear, i will!